Sea Freight

We are living in a world of stuff. People have a need for something and – with a couple of clicks – it is easy to find it online. This is why the shipping industry has faced quite a boom in recent years. However, this is particularly true in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The area has become quite an economic center in modern times – and a lot of people are immigrating here. And China is one of the biggest exporters of goods. However, sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia can often be tough and complicated. To make it easier for yourself or your company, you will need to call a professional freight forwarding company. And there is just no better company for this job than Four Winds!

Why rely on Four Winds for sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia?

There are many things that make Four Winds the best choice for importing goods to Saudi Arabia. First, our main priority is your satisfaction. This began when we were first founded in 1979, and it has remained true to this very day! Everything we do is so our clients will have a positive experience with our logistic services Saudi Arabia. Our workers are well-trained and professional, and our equipment is top-notch just for you!

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Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Secondly, we are aware that in order for you to have a satisfactory experience with Four Winds, we need to offer you a variety of services. And since everything we do is tailored just for you, we have managed to create a wide span of things that will help you through the process. These are the services we offer:

  • First, we have packing supplies and crating materials that are new and modern. With them, the safety of your items is guaranteed!
  • Then, we offer freight forwarding services. It doesn’t matter if you want air or sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia – we can make it happen. Taking your goods from point A to point B is not an impossible task with Four Winds!
  • What’s more, we also offer cargo transport services! Our speed cargo transporting is the best in the country!
  • Also, what would a cargo transporting company be if they had no high-quality facilities to store the goods first? This is why we offer a variety of warehouses across the Kingdom. They are safe and secure, so you can be at ease while we take care of your items.
  • We can also take care of specialized shipments with our cold chain services! Keep your items cool with us at all times!
  • Finally, we can deal with customs control for you!

We are the best customs brokers in the KSA

One of the biggest problems people face when dealing with sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia is passing the Saudi Arabian customs. We have strict rules on what you can bring into the country and what needs to stay behind. This is why one of our main goals was developing trust between our workers and the customs control.

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We are the customs brokers you need!

Nowadays, we are proud to say that we are one of only a couple of freight forwarding companies that have their own customs license. We are the most trusted customs brokers in the country, as well! Due to our expertise, we have helped with some of the biggest industrial and economic projects in the country! From the electricity, you use to read this sentence, to the phone and the gas in your home you use daily – we played a part in getting them to you!

However, this didn’t come easy. Our workers went through thorough training exercises so they can understand their work and customs procedures perfectly. They are well-versed in what paperwork you need to have, and how to evade wasting time on the borders. And if you are a new Chinese company setting up shop in the country, we can offer you consulting work too. Sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia is not our only expertize!

What is sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia?

So now that you know why you should pick Four Winds Saudi Arabia for your freight forwarding needs, let’s talk about what the sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia actually is. Simply put, this is a way to transport a large amount of product via cargo ships. We store these into containers and then load the containers on a ship. After securing them and ensuring a safe trip, they start off from China to Saudi Arabia.

A shipping dock - like you can see in sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia
Some ships can fit 18,000 containers!

This is a huge and often demanding process. Usually, a ship can carry around 18,000 containers! However, this has a good side too! Because of the sheer size of the shipment, this method of freight forwarding is usually cost-efficient for transporting huge amounts of goods. Just to help you get an idea of it – inside one standard 20ft container, there are 33 cubic meters of space. And in those 33 cubic meters, you can pack up to 100 washing machines! For smaller shipments – this is around 12,000 teddy bears.

Now imagine 18,000 of those units filled up with such products. As you can see – the space is often unfathomable to those who didn’t work in the industry. This is why calling Four Winds to help you with sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia – from storing and securing your goods to working with the customs – is a must! So don’t waste a moment! Pick up your phone and call us right now!