Pallet racking

Racks for pallets make it possible to realize installations adapted to the needs of storing heavy and bulky palletized loads (euro pallets, industrial pallets, special pallets), lattice boxes for pallets and other heavy loads. Four Winds pallet racking Saudi Arabia with rails or wire rails allow you to design installations that are suitable for all types of bidirectional and three-directional forklifts, manual or automatic.

Pallet racking Saudi Arabia is suitable for all areas of activity. It is also ideal for all types of environments: a logistics center, a reserve, a warehouse, etc.  Pallets are deposited on carts or elevators.

We offer conventional pallet racking Saudi Arabia

The most universal system for direct and unified access to each pallet. Optimal solutions for those warehouses with palletized products and a wide range of SKUs. The measurement of the working passage between each rack and the height of the rack depends on the characteristics of the forklifts or lifting devices, the size of the pallets and the height of the warehouse itself.


  • Full control over the warehouse in Saudi Arabia: each storage space is occupied by one pallet
  • Maximum adaptability to any type of load, both in weight and volume
  • It is possible to combine it with long span beams for manual selection of goods
  • Double-shelving racks can be installed to store more pallets, allowing one pallet to be stored in front of the other on each side of the aisle

Drive-in pallet racking Saudi Arabia

This system is based on the principle of storage according to the principle of accumulation, which allows the maximum use of available space both in terms of area and height. Entrance racks are for storage of homogeneous products.


  • The maximum yield of available space (up to 85%)
  • Removal of passages between ratings
  • The strict control of entrances and exits
  • This system of pallet racking Saudi Arabia allows as many SKUs as loading lanes

Two control systems are available: an entry system that has only one passage and an access system that provides access to the load on both sides of the rack. The system is often used in cold rooms (cooling and freezing), which require maximum use of storage space for food at a controlled temperature.

With Four Winds, you can get mobile pallet racking Saudi Arabia

Thanks to our mobile racking system, the racks become more compact and their storage volume increases significantly. All this without giving up direct access to any product in stock.

The racks are above the guiding movable bases, which slide in the transverse direction, which eliminates the need for aisles that open only upon access. The operator commands the automatic opening of the device either remotely or manually by flicking the switch.

Our mobile bases have engines, sliders, and several security systems to ensure safe and efficient operation.


  • An optimum system for cold stores (both refrigerating, and freezing)
  • Increased warehouse capacity
  • Elimination of individual access passes

We also offer live pallet racking

These racks contain sections of roller guides located on an inclined strip so that the pallets can slide along them. The pallets are installed at the highest part of the rolling section and move by gravity and at a controlled speed in the direction of the other end.


  • Provides a perfect turnover of pallets
  • Maximum capacity because the storage system is compact
  • Saves time and space when handling pallets
  • Excellent warehouse control

Pallet shuttle

A compact storage system in which a shuttle moves along rails inside storage channels, replacing forklifts It significantly reduces operating time and allows to group items by channels, rather than by entire traffic lanes.

The pallet shuttle fulfills the orders sent by the operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection, placing the load in the first free placement in the channel and compacting the pallets to the maximum. Eliminating the need to bring forklifts into rows, the storage capacity increases in terms of depth. The risk of accidents and damage to the racks is insignificant. Operator movement is optimized, and the warehouse is modernized and made more flexible.

This is an ideal solution for companies with a large number of pallets per unit of goods and intensive loading and unloading activities.


  • Great diversification: each channel can serve to store different items
  • High performance: an increased flow of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Large capacity: storage up to 40 m deep
  • High profitability due to lower operating costs
  • Reduced incidents and maintenance costs
  • Many advanced features you can easily control from the tablet

We can also offer you push-back pallet racking Saudi Arabia

A cumulative storage system that allows you to store up to four pallets on one level. All pallets of each level, except the top, are placed on carts that are pushed along the rails. Push-back is ideal for storing medium-flowing products, with two or more pallets per SKU.


  • The best possible use of available space
  • A very small height of space is without use
  • Each level can store different SKUs

We also have rack warehouses

Basic engineering works in which the racks themselves are part of the building structure together with the side and roof cladding. The ranking structure also supports a load of handling equipment and external elements: winds, heavy snowfalls, seismic movements, etc.

Local standards and the height of reach of stacker cranes or lift trucks limit the maximum height of the rack warehouses. At the same time, it is possible to build warehouses with a height of over 40 meters.


  • Storage at high altitude allows you to maximize the available surface area without losing space
  • Allows you to store a wide range of goods
  • You can use conventional or automated systems

When it comes to pallet racking Saudi Arabia, Four Winds is your best partner

No matter what kind of business and warehouse you have, Four Winds can help you with sorting it out. So, if you need pallet racking Saudi Arabia, feel free to contact us to get the best service.

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