Message from Chairman

Dear Friends,

We feel deeply privileged to be a part of your moving world. For more than 40 years, we at Four Winds have enjoyed your trust and confidence in handling the things that matter to you most.

As the future lays yonder, rest assured that we are fervent in our resolve to live by your expectations. The last few years, you were living testament of our commitment to further the path we originally threaded. Because we care deeply for you, Four Winds has gone with you wherever you go. Things that we didn’t know about, we learned them and become experts on them because you need them. And because you need them, we make it happen.

Our minds and hearts are faithful to satisfy your needs to the best of our abilities, wherever possible. It is you who continually fuel us to adapt to this changing world, diversify to unchartered waters, and reinvent ourselves.

Allow me to thank you for what we have become. Today, we are who we are because of you.

Mohammed A Al Mani

Chairman, Four Winds Saudi Arabia Limited

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