The minimalist guide for moving overseas

Moving can be quite a hassle – even if you are doing it within your own city. So imagine just how much trouble moving overseas can cause. Here, you might have the opportunity to really look at your home before you move – maybe you will just get accommodations from your company. Then, you will need to deal with a sea of paperwork. These can often vary based on the country you are moving to, as well, so they make things even more difficult. And on top of all these variables, you need to do the regular moving logistics like packing, getting transportation, etc. So, one of the things you need to consider during these complicated moves is to go minimalistic. Pack as little as you can and spend as little as you possibly can on the move. Can you really do it? Find out in this article!

What going minimalistic for moving overseas includes?

Before we begin, we should take a moment to explain what going minimalistic even means. Maybe you have not heard the word, or you might have heard it in another field – definitely not for moving. Minimalism in moving, just like in art, means removing the excess of stuff. What this means is that you are, for example, packing fewer items. Because of this, you will need to carry less and thus pay your professional movers Saudi Arabia less. However, this can include some brave choices and ideas:

  • starting over from scratch after moving overseas;
  • get a tiny truck;
  • divide everything 50-50.

Some of these ideas might seem too crazy for you. Some might sound like the natural thing for you to do. Let’s dive deeper into each of them and examine them further. This will, hopefully, help you make your move easier on yourself.

Start over in your new place

Moving overseas can often be a frightening experience. You are moving to a new, unknown place. There will be new people around you, and, if you are moving to a different country, a new language and culture to get used to. So, since everything around you will be new, why not restart your life as well? So, before you move, just sell or give away everything you own.

A woman with a firework.
Start fresh – like for New year!

There are a couple of benefits to this. First, a lot of moving companies will charge you by the weight and the size of your items. If you don’t have much – then you might not even need to call the company itself. Also, there are no moving calculators to deal with. You can stuff things in a couple of boxes, put them in a car (or plane) and drive off into the sunset with them. Then, you can use the money you earned from selling your old things to buy new ones. This will help you figure out where your priorities lie. Maybe you can make do with an older coach, but you know you want a new, good TV set – and this will help you get it. Also, if you give stuff away, your friends and family will forever be grateful to you.

When is starting from scratch when moving overseas not a good idea?

A kid who you need to think about when moving overseas.
Think about your children when packing.

The downside to this comes in the shape of your family. If you have a child (or kids), they might be attached to some of their stuff. Any type of moving (and especially moving overseas) can be super stressful for them. This is because children love the things they know, and throwing them into a whole new world can be pretty scary. In order to help ease them into the process, you should keep some of their stuff. Toys, books, a favorite blanket – anything that can help them is valuable. It might also be a good idea to keep a couple of bigger pieces of furniture – like the couch where you spend your evening together, too.

Get a tiny truck to help you pack

Another thing that might help you when moving overseas in a minimalistic way is to get a tiny vehicle to move your stuff. You should talk about moving services Saudi Arabia about what they can provide, but you can also just go with your car if you are single. Think about it this way – if it’s so tiny that you start to panic, then it’s the proper size. That way, you will only be able to take the essentials with you.

This way of prioritizing might seem a bit over the top to some people, but it’s pretty effective. And when you want a minimalistic move, anything that works is golden. This way, not only do you pay less than when getting a moving truck, but you will also be carrying less stuff. Because of that, you cut the packing and unpacking time short, too.

Cutting everything in half

This is a famous method that a lot of minimalists use. Whenever you need to move but don’t want to take everything with you – cut it in half. This means you respect this literally, and you are being ruthless with it. Doesn’t matter if you are a book lover or you are ready to die for fashion. If you have 50 books – you’re only taking 25 with you. If you have 20 dresses, only 10 of them can come along.

A pomegranate cut in half.
Cut everything 50/50.

The good thing about this is that, after moving overseas, you are left with only your favorite stuff. This way you can get rid of all those boring gifts and thoughtless purchases you had no excuse to get rid of before. For an even extra effort, divide everything you have into half again. The best minimalists work with only 20-25% of their stuff! Now, all that’s left is to request a free quote and start packing.

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