Moving abroad with kids: which document do you need?

Finding and organizing sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia is easy because you have help from professionals. On the other hand, moving abroad with kids is completely your responsibility and it can get tough. People often know how to handle their children but what they fail to do is gather up all documents they need for such a relocation. It is not easy but you should not worry. We have gathered up the info you need and have come up with answers to some common questions regarding this kind of relocation. Let us begin.

Is moving abroad with kids complicated?

This is the first question you are going to ask yourself. Is moving abroad with kids complicated? Well, to be quite honest with you, it is not the easiest of tasks. Still, it is not mission impossible so you do not have to panic. When going abroad, and with children, you will need a lot of documents and some proper organization people often do not have time for. We are here to help you with the info and advice you need. For example, if you were shipping to Saudi Arabia, we would tell you all about that process. Since your situation includes children, we will help you with the questions regarding documents because that is usually the most complicated part of it all.

Travel- moving abroad with kids
Moving abroad with kids may or may not be complicated. It depends on whether you organized and prepared on time.

Which documents do you need when moving abroad with kids?

Now, depending on where you are moving, different documents are required. Still, there are some that are universal and you cannot enter or live in a certain country if you have not brought those papers with you. We will make a list of those documents that we know are mandatory. Meaning, you are absolutely obligated to provide them once and even before you enter the country you are moving to with your children. Now, since you will be occupied with all this paperwork, we suggest you hire a company for all logistic services. You will need:

  1. Passport- Of course, this one is logical but we still have to list it as it is a document needed.
  2. Visa- Everyone knows that getting a visa is a tough process and it can take quite some time. Rules and regulations for a visa vary from country to country. 
  3. Birth certificate- As it is mandatory for you, it is mandatory for your children. A lot of the documents you bring for yourself are the documents you should bring for your children. 
  4. Medical records- When moving abroad with children, medical records are very important paperwork. 
  5. School files- And this is so that your child can enroll in another school and continue their education. 
  6. Health insurance, child custody papers, divorce papers, permission from the other parent in certain situations, marriage certificate, adoption papers, and even more. 

Passport, visa, birth certificate

There is not much to be said here. All of these papers are also the papers you will need for yourself so it is logical to have them for your child. These papers are as logical as packing and crating services. You know you need them and no one has to remind you. We suggest you start handling all paperwork on time, especially visa related. This is because getting some documents can take time and unexpected situations tend to happen. 

Passport, visa, birth certificate. All of these are always needed and you know that much.

Medical records and school files

We do not have to explain much when it comes to medical records. Transferring them is for your safety and the safety of your child or children. Besides, you are legally obligated to do so. School files, on the other hand, are something you cannot pass because you need them to continue the education of your child. Whether you have a high schooler or a middle schooler, it is the same. If you want your kid to have an education, and you do, these papers are also a must. 

All other paperwork and documents

Everything else we have mentioned, from adoption papers to divorce papers are the documents you may or may not need, depending on your situation. If you have an adopted child, adoption papers are mandatory. You are divorced? Divorce papers are mandatory. If you have shared custody of the child, both child custody papers, and permission from the other parent are mandatory. It is as simple as that. You can find rules and regulations for any scenario and case online. Because of the fact that a lot of paperwork is needed, it is, we state again, very important that you start thinking and acting on time. New requirements can pop up out of the blue and you must be prepared to meet those requirements. Some papers take more time, and others are easy to get. Besides, when moving, papers are not the only thing you have to organize. A lot of people start preparing for an international move even a few years beforehand. Think about why that is.

Depending on your situation, there can be many more papers and documents you must have.

Additional advice for when moving abroad with kids

We have listed and explained everything there is to explain. We have even given you a heads up regarding a few situations. What we cannot stretch enough is the fact that you must be very careful with these documents. You will probably need several copies and to certify and verify all of them. There are lines, waiting lists, certain conditions you must meet, and much more. Once again, take this seriously. 

That is all folks

We believe you understand the seriousness of moving abroad with kids. Also, we hope that we have helped you in some way so that you avoid certain problematic situations and make this relocation as easy and as fast as possible. Certainly, you will love your new life and we hope you do. We wish you good luck! 

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