Moving overseas with small children

Overseas moving is a great undertaking. This is even more amplified if you are relocating with your family. Especially if you are moving overseas with small children. So, it’s inevitable that you will come across certain challenges as well as wonderful opportunities and discoveries. But, with the right attitude and proper planning, the move will be one of kids’ most well-remembered early life experiences. Moreover, if you find the right customs clearing agents in Bahrain, you won’t have to worry about the hassle you might face with this. Consequently, you will be able to focus on more important things. Some of those “more important” things will be listed in this article. You need to thoroughly consider these points when planning for the big move! They include:

  • Location and education
  • Communication
  • Preparation
  • Age of your children

So, without any further ado, let’s see what these important aspects are.

When moving overseas with small children, it’s important that you research the location and its educational opportunities

If you are relocating for work, you probably know the city or region where you will be living. But, it’s important that you thoroughly research different neighborhoods and suburbs in the chosen area. Among them, find the safest and most family-friendly ones. Also, if you are moving to certain countries like Saudi Arabia, it’s important that you are familiar with the mandatory documents for children. That way, you will ensure that your relocation process is as smooth as possible. But, back to the topic at hand.

Just as a kitten researches its new surroundings, so should you!

Aside from the location, you need to explore the area’s education prospects. Consider different approaches to your children’s education. Of course, your choices will depend on the place you are relocating to. They will most likely include local public and private schools, American schools, and international schools, each with their unique advantages. It’s good to find expat communities in your new country before moving to learn about the life that awaits you. They can prove an invaluable resource, and you might even make new friends for you and your kids before your departure.

Communication is key if you want to succeed in this endeavor

So, just like communication with moving companies in Saudi Arabia concerning the move is important, so is the communication with your kids. Finding the best time to break the news to your children is very important. They are very sensitive and can feel that something is stirring. That’s why you need to make sure to let them know before they accidentally overhear something. Or even worse, find out about the move from someone else.

Happy family
When moving overseas with small children it’s important that you talk to them.

Keep the communication open and honest. Bring up the subject in a conversation frequently and talk about it sincerely. Also, encourage them to ask questions and answer as much age-appropriate information as necessary. Furthermore, you don’t need to pretend that you have all the answers. Focus on the positive and do your best to frame the relocation as an adventure. This will help, for sure!

Just as in life, preparation is crucial when moving overseas with small children

Preparing your children for moving abroad is a great challenge. But, if you get your kids’ curiosity going and familiarize them with the country you are relocating to, it’ll become much easier. Learning fun facts together and creating your own trivia game, making crafts with motifs from the country’s culture, and watching movies and TV shows from it together, will greatly alleviate the stress that children experience. Also, if you’re moving to a non-English speaking country, learn the language together and incorporate it into your daily life in fun ways. For example, you can cook your kids’ favorite foods together and learn to name the ingredients in the new language.

Younger vs. older kids

There is a big difference in approach when it comes to the age of the children. And that is why it’s important to help your kids adjust to the move with regard to their age.

Younger children are highly adaptable. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t experience stress, nervousness, or anxiety because of the move. Thankfully, the time for adjustment is relatively short and easy. Although some fearfulness is to be expected, this is natural and will subside when their sense of security is restored. Your job is to give them a lot of attention and to be patient once needy behavior arises. Maintaining a familiar routine is key to preserving a sense of balance and emotional stability. When everything else in their world is shifting, children will feel reassured that some things stay the same no matter what. Different rituals and family traditions are another great way of maintaining a sense of stability.

Two boys
Always keep the age of your kids in mind.

Older children are not so adaptable. They find it harder than their younger siblings. The reason is that they have more social ties and a deeper understanding of what this change means. That is why you need to involve them in the relocation process as much as possible. Their feedback is important. Even though they might not resist, it’s important that they have an outlet for their emotions. Try and give them a diary and encourage them to record their experiences while moving. One of their biggest concerns will be leaving their friends behind. So, you need to help them set up communications with friends and family left behind via email, instant messaging, and social media if they are old enough for it. Lastly, make sure that they find a way to say goodbye to everyone.

To summarize

Moving overseas with small children is definitely a challenge. But, we hope that you got some good advice and useful information by reading this article. Also, we don’t doubt that you will pull it off like a pro. We believe in you! And remember, the most important thing in this situation is to be patient. Everything will fall into place, but only if you are patient. Good luck with the move!

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