Moving your Piano Overseas: What you should Know

Moving your piano overseas could be a hard job for every moving company. Not every company will accept it. Air cargo to Saudi Arabia is usually well organized, but companies choose if they want to help you or not. However, you can hold it easily if you hire a good moving company. You should leave this job to professionals for many reasons.

  • Pianos are fragile and very sensitive – you should pay attention to delicate parts and avoid possible damages;
  • As one of the robust items, moving your piano overseas could be seriously hard for companies without experience;
  • Most keyboards are valuable – they sometimes have antique value so that you will need appropriate documentation from logistic companies in Yanbu.
Grand piano
Piano is very sensitive and fragile so hard for protection

Preparation for moving your piano overseas

Like in any other situation, you should make a dangerous plan for moving. It is not essential only to pack your keyboard. You should protect it from damage. Also, use as much knowledge you can to reassemble on parts. Professionals in the moving company will help you with documentation.

Hire professionals

It is not a moment to save on moving companies. International movers Jeddah has knowledge and experience in these situations. Also, it is not the time for companies marked with a red flag. Avoid those that have disappointed customers.

Get moving quotes

Even though you need highly professional movers, you should not pay too much for moving your piano internationally. Get moving quotes and compare the prices and services for cargo transportation Saudi Arabia. Ask for conditions that the moving company offers. Also, do not jump into this job. Make a good plan and comparison between companies.

Insurance is critical

You cannot be sure how the transportation of your piano will go. Even the company cannot say it. So, take the insurance, just in case. It will make the company dangerous. They will not bother with high payment in case something happens. Thus, insurance protects both sides.

You should remove all parts that you can when moving a piano

Transport and handling when moving your piano overseas

For most companies, the keyboard is hard for packing. However, the real struggle starts when you need to transport them. Especially if you need to move it oversea. You should prepare documentation, but also excellent packages for it. Protection is highly essential in these cases.

Pack properly

Like in any other circumstance, packing is essential for transporting your piano oversea. You should remove all removable parts. Fixed parts you need to protect with specialized materials. Do not use wrapping paper or duct tape. They could damage polish on the piano. Also, it is good to wrap the whole keyboard in soft and clean fabric. You can buy them in specialized stores.

Keyboard that is very sensitive so makes moving your piano overseas harder
You should wrap the keyboard during moving to protect it

Store after moving properly

Moving your piano overseas does not end with the landing of the plane. You will not be able to bring the keyboard to your home right after rolling. In most cases, you must put them in storage for a while. So, protect the piano adequately. It will make it safe during this time.

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