What to pack in your essentials moving box

Packing is one of the most important steps and points when moving, no matter where you are relocating. No moving can go without packing and crating. But, many people think that it is easy, and they usually forget to pack an essentials moving box. What essential box for moving represents and how it is useful and helpful? If you have moved before, you already know the answer. But, if you are moving for the first time, then you should learn.

A nervous woman is sitting.
Without an essentials moving box, your moving might be a disaster.

This box is a box that you will open first after moving, probably during moving too. Just imagine that you are searching for a jacket, underwear or a soap too long. That’s how this moving box is useful.

Packing an essentials moving box – simple tips for you

Almost everyone needs tips when packing. Be free to ask your moving company Saudi Arabia for help or ask your friends. Even researching is a huge step in this process. Everything will be much easier when you know what to do. We can help you with these tips, now when you know what an essentials moving box is and how it is helpful for you and your family if you are moving with them. Especially if you have kids or/and pets.

Open essentials moving box.
Packing an essentials box can be easy with tips.

#1 Cleaning supplies for your new home

You cannot relax in a dusty home. On the other hand, it is easier for you to clean when you do not have furniture in your home. Pack basic cleaning supplies but make sure they are not open. Moving opened cleaning supplies is dangerous for other items around. The second reason is that you will probably not have time to search for stores to buy cleaning supplies. Pack a cloth to wipe, cloth to wipe the floors, cleaning supplies for a bathroom, garbage bags, etc.

Also, with cleaning supplies, you should pack basic household supplies.

  • Plates and cups should be in your essential moving box.
  • Scissors is an item that most people forget to pack. But, you will need them to open other boxes.
  • Knives and spoons.
  • One universal pot to cook the food for a couple of first days in your new home.
  • Coffee maker, if you cannot start your day without it.

#2 Be ready for the first night in your new home

The first night after a long and exhausting moving must be relaxing. You will need clean bedsheets and pillows. If you love to read a book or your favorite magazine, pack that too. If you need curtains on your windows or earplugs, put that in your special box. Many people cannot sleep because of the noise from the street or because of the morning sun. Make sure you have packed everything to make your first night stressless. After that first night, you will be relaxed, and you will be able to finish all your obligations on time. If you have a pet, then make sure his/her first night is good too.

#3 Clothing

Packing your clothes for a couple of first days is important, especially if you are moving to a city where the temperature is different from your old home city. Moving and traveling is exciting, but at the same time, exhausting. You will probably want to change your clothes and underwear after a long day.

Also, you will need clothing and should for a few days. It is easier than unpacking each box to find your clothes. If you have jobs interviews after moving, pack your office clothes too. Pack pajamas in your essentials box and you will have sweet dreams. Small details can make your moving stressless. Of course, if you want to pack something else you can do it. For example, if you move to a place that has a beach and hot weather, pack your swimwear.

#4 Personal hygiene

Nothing is more annoying than searching for toothpaste or hand soap in the morning or right after moving. That is why you should pack the basic personal hygiene items. Such as toothpaste, toothbrush, hand soap, shampoo, toilet paper, shower gel. What will you pack in this box depends on you and your everyday habits. For example, makeup, hairbrush, hairpins, hand cream, body cream, etc.

#5 Technology

If you are like most people nowadays, you cannot live without cellphone or/and laptop. Especially if you need navigation in your car while driving, then pack it with a charger and move without any problem. Chargers for phones and laptop are also important. If something goes wrong while moving, you can always call someone. Also, you can watch a movie or your favorite show before sleeping.

#6 Food and drinks

Pack snacks and water. Moving perishable food is not recommended and some moving companies will not move it. Pack food in a can and pasta, for example. If you are moving to a new city, you will lose time while searching for grocery stores. Also, without proper kitchen supplies, you cannot cook. So, with a one pot and basic kitchen supplies, you can prepare a good meal. If you have young kids (babies), prepare food for them in advance. Also, pack food your pet if you have it.

A close up of a bottle and a glass of wine.
If drinking wine is relaxing you, then you should pack it too in your essentials moving box.

Moving without an essentials moving box is possible, but it is much easier with it. Why not help yourself and your family, when you have a simple solution for that. We hope that we helped you with these tips. After all, if you do not have enough time for packing, or you do not how to pack them, you can always hire a moving company to do it for you. If you will have a long-distance move or on the other hand, local move, an essential moving box is necessary.

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