Packing timeline for overseas relocation

Packing is the most difficult and most important part of the moving process. Especially when you are moving overseas, from the USA to Saudi Arabia, for example. When you are moving overseas, your items will travel much longer than when you are moving across the street. If you are transporting your stuff by the sea in a shipping container, you can expect that your boxes and items will suffer. And when they finally arrive they could be stuck in a warehouse Jeddah, for who knows how long. It means that you will have to devote lots of time to prepare them properly. Preparing them so they can withstand the long journey, time on customs clearance and time they will spend in a warehouse. That is why creating a packing timeline for overseas relocation is the best way to make sure that you will manage to secure them properly.

Number one thing when moving overseas is planning

When you are moving overseas, the packing process will take a lot of your precious time. That is why you should start planning as soon as you learn about the move. It is never too early to start with planning. The more time you give yourself the easier it will be later. Besides, preparing your documentation, hiring movers and finding an appropriate warehouse in Saudi Arabia, you will also have to think about the packing process.

There are literary thousands of items in your home (some estimates say that there are over 300,000 items in an average home), and you shouldn’t leave this for the last minute. As mentioned above, overseas relocation requires you to pack your items more thoroughly, which requires more time than you would spend for a local move.

Man using computer and writing
Packing timeline for overseas relocation starts with planning

Packing timeline for overseas relocation begins with purging, 8 weeks prior to your move

Moving overseas is very expensive. The most important factor that will determine your moving cost is the size and weight of your moving inventory. That is why it is always advisable to think about the items that you will pack and move. Some items could be cheaper to buy new than to pay for moving them. That usually refers to large and heavy pieces of furniture. Especially those that are worn out and not in good shape.

If you have an old closet or an old bookcase, get rid of it before the move. But even if they are still usable, you could try to sell it. That way you can earn some money and spare yourself from packing, carrying, buying packing materials for it, and finally, paying for its relocation. Here are your options as far as getting rid of your excess items.

Ways to get rid of your excess items

  • If you followed your packing timeline for overseas relocation, you will have enough time to organize a garage sale. That is if you have enough items to sell.
  • When you want to get rid of a large number of furniture pieces quickly, and you still want to earn some cash, you can sell your items to a used furniture retail company. You will get less money, but you will get rid of it quickly.
  • If you have only a few pieces that you want to get rid of, you could try to sell them online.
  • Maybe you are not interested in making a profit on your used items, but you still want to put them to good use. In that case, find a charity organization that will be willing to take your stuff. Besides giving your items a chance for a second life, you will make someone happy, and you will feel good about yourself.
  • If you think that your items are not usable anymore, you could take them to the recycling center.
antique stove
Sell old and heavy items that you are not using

6 weeks before your move and 3rd week in your packing timeline for overseas relocation, start gathering packing supplies

Preparing packing materials is your next assignment. If you are moving from the USA to Saudi Arabia or vice versa, you can expect your items to be traveling for at least a month. And many bad things could happen during a month on a sea. Sometimes a rough sea could tumble the inside of your shipping container upside down. And if your items arrive at the Riyadh customs clearance in ripped and opened boxes you will have lots of trouble until they go through. Therefore, your job is to make sure that your items are packed tightly and securely.

Packing materials that you should prepare

  • Triple wall corrugated carton boxes will be your best friend in this case.
  • Plastic containers with lids, for your most sensitive items.
  • Plastic bags
  • WAT or water-activated tape. This tape is impossible to remove without leaving marks on the cardboard box. This can be very useful when your items need to go through many different vessels, warehouses, customs clearances. It is also water-proof and cannot simply fall off like the regular packing tape.
  • Packing peanuts
  • Plastic wraps
  • Moving blankets
  • Regular packing tape

4 weeks before your move start with packing

If you didn’t follow your packing timeline for overseas relocation, you will be in trouble. In that case, your only solution is to hire international movers and packers in Riyadh to help you out. If you are still on schedule, start by packing items that you do not use frequently. Those could be seasonal items like clothes or holiday decorations, fine china, tools, books, etc. Pack room by room and leave the boxes in the area where you packed them.

Box with books
You should start packing at least 4 weeks before your moving date

Packing timeline for overseas relocation – 2 weeks before your move, pack the rest

Now it’s time to start with real packing. Pack everything from kitchenware, beddings, clothes, kids toys, etc. The important thing is to identify the most important items that you will want to unpack first, once you arrive. Label those boxes so you could easily identify them.

Last week before the move

In the last week of your packing timeline for overseas relocation, pack items that you were using up until the last minute. Also, pack the bags that you will be carrying with you. After you are done, do a final checkup. Go through your whole home and make sure that you’ve packed everything. If you did then your only task is to relax and wait for your movers.

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