Packing valuables for abroad transportation

If you are planning an international move it is important to find reliable packers and movers in Saudi Arabia. Packing your belongings properly is extremely important in order to ensure that they arrive on time and without damage. You have to be particularly careful when packing valuables for transportation. Read on and find out how to pack and prepare for an overseas move.

Hiring an experienced shipping company is a top priority

An international move is a complicated and often stressful process. It requires careful planning, organizing, and packing all your belongings, preparing valuable items for transportation. If you are moving to Riyadh, start preparing weeks in advance. Research movers and packers in Riyadh and find a company that meets all your needs. Your movers should be well-trained, experienced, and reliable.

Packing mugs
Gather quality moving materials before you start packing belongings

Visit specialized moving websites and find companies’ reviews and ratings. In addition to information regarding their license and insurance policy, you can also find previously submitted comments and complaints. Customer experiences are invaluable in these situations. They can help you understand the overall quality of service that a particular company provides.

Packing services

In addition to transportation, many moving companies offer packing and storage services. Packing is the most tiring and time-consuming part of the moving process. First, you need to go through all your belongings and organize them into piles. Decide which items you want to take into your new home. Get rid of things such as pieces of furniture that won’t fit, old clothes you no longer wear, or old, broken gadgets. Decluttering is a crucial part of the packing process.

Once you choose the belongings you will transport, it is time to pack. Your packers can help you protect your belongings and label the moving boxes properly. They will provide all moving supplies that you will need during the relocation.

angel sculpture
Be careful when packing artwork. Make sure to use packing paper and bubble wrap to protect the pieces

Packing valuable for an international move

If you decide not to hire packing companies in Saudi Arabia, you can pack on your own. However, it is crucial to learn proper packing techniques, especially if you are packing valuables. These items are not only expensive but usually fragile and easily breakable. Valuable items are paintings, antique objects, china, jewelry, electronic equipment, etc.

Double tape the bottoms of all cardboard boxes for extra protection. Then, place a few sheets of bubble wrap on the bottom of each box. Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your paintings. As for large pieces, such as antique furniture, use moving blankets and bubble wrap to protect the entire surface. When filling boxes with small pieces such as china pieces, don’t leave any voids in the box. Fill holes with packing paper or newspaper to avoid movement during transport. Take the time to properly pack your most valuable possessions. Only in this way can you avoid possible damage during transportation.

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