Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials

For the healthcare industry there is no room for error. A patient is in need of the shipment, so it needs to be there on time and in perfect condition. Compliance and quality are crucial, yet regulations are continually changing and may vary across each port of entry. We have all figured out, Four Winds has been one of Saudi’s leading providers of comprehensive supply chain services to the importers, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and laboratories

Solutions range from the delivery of APIs into the manufacturing process to delivery of finished drugs and equipment to in-market distributors, hospitals, pharmacies and surgeries.

What can we offer for you:

  • GDP compliant trucking and distribution fleet
  • Distribution of last mile prescription to patients homes
  • Dedicated and secured temperature controlled solutions across the globe.
  • Optimized customs clearance of sensitive shipments.
  • Trade compliance advise for importing or procuring medical devices
  • Transportation of LTL and FTL shipments that require temperatures range from +2 C to +8 C or +15 C to +25 C.
  • Passive cold packaging for shipments that require temperatures of: 20 C +2 C to +8 C +15 C to +25 C
  • stringent processes to select GDP-compliant carriers globally.
  • Dedicated Standard operating procedure for each account.
  • Constant monitoring of location, temperature and humidity for each shipment via our control tower in Riyadh.
  • Saudi-FDA approved warehousing for products that require a temperature of +15 C to +25 C.
  • GDP trained staff on international standards and cold chain quality assurance.

Temperature deviation are the number one reason of loss in the clinical trail world. After investing millions into the research last thing you would expect is a temperature exposure. Our clinical trials logistics service ensures that biological samples and returned drugs for destruction are collected from your site or country depots quickly and efficiently and within pre-determined temperature ranges and tight time pressures. We offer the passive packaging services that enable the temperature to stay within the range passively upto 72 hours, and we rely on our long experience in customs clearance and cold transportation to deliver the shipment on time and in perfect condition as promised!

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