Popular Destinations in Saudi Arabia in 2022

If you’ve cruised the internet looking for good moving opportunities, you’ve probably seen a couple of them mention Riyadh or Jeddah. These are some of the most popular destinations in Saudi Arabia for both personal and business relocations. In fact, movers in Jeddah have surged in popularity over the past few years. That doesn’t mean that these are the only two cities to consider. Apart from them, Yanbu and Jubail are also getting more and more global recognition. And the best thing is that movers at Four Winds Saudi Arabia can help you move to any one of them with ease.

Why are there so many popular destinations in Saudi Arabia

  1. Good career opportunities – whether you are moving your business or looking for work, Saudi Arabia has an opportunity for everything. On top of that, salaries are tax-free, so you can earn and save more money than in most other countries.
  2. Food and drink – local cuisine is top-notch and if you miss the taste of your home, there are a lot of restaurants and bars that offer foreign menus
  3. Culture and nature – from vibrant festivals to breathtaking views, Saudi Arabia has a bit for everything for anyone to enjoy
  4. Weather – even though there are three to four months when it is too hot outside, the rest of the year is sunny enough so you can enjoy the outdoors
  5. Shopping malls – with a considerable number of shopping malls, Saudi Arabia has one of the best offers of worldwide brands and retailers

With this in mind, it’s not hard to imagine why so many people choose to move to Saudi Arabia. So if you’re interested be sure to check relocation services Saudi Arabia to get the best price and offers for moving. And if you’re not sure which city would be the best for you, here is an overview of some of the more popular choices.

Yanbu, a small but stunning city

Located on the shores of the Red Sea is Yanbu, a small but developed city. The seaport is at the peak of industrialism, but the city is also rich in natural beauty. The coral reef of the Red Sea enriches many beaches that Yanbu has. This also makes it a popular diving and snorkeling attraction that draws in both locals and tourists all year. Due to the warm climate, you can easily enjoy the beach whenever you have the time for it. Proximity to the sea also means that the hot climate is a bit more tolerable. This is true, especially during the autumn and winter months.

Woman scuba diver near beautiful coral reef
Scuba dive and explore all the wonders of the Red Sea

However, the location can be a disadvantage depending on your needs. The closest bigger town is Jeddah, but it’s three hours away by car. In addition to that, there aren’t that many options for ground and air travel in and out of the city. But, if you enjoy quiet and beautiful surroundings, this is the place for you so be sure to check with moving companies in Yanbu to get the best relocation offers. On top of that, Yanbu has promising career and educational opportunities. They are not as exclusive as those in larger cities but are overall good opportunities. It also has many sporting activities, seaside hangouts, and residential compounds where you can enjoy the benefits of your community. This makes Yanbu a safe space for people of all ages, cultures, and even genders, as in some compounds even women can drive.

Jubail, an industrial giant

If you’re more interested in a fast-paced lifestyle then the city of Jubail is the one for you. As the largest industrial city in Saudi Arabia, Jubail offers exquisite job opportunities and living arrangements. The city itself is split into two major parts. One is part of the old town originally built when the city was founded, and another one is the new industrial part. Many foreigners live in the industrial part, but depending on your preferences, the old town might be a better option. Because of this, it’s best to check with moving companies in Jubail which part of the city would be the best fit for you. They can offer you solid advice based on your reasons for moving.

Beautiful Flowers on the beach with sunrise background
Even though the industry grows each day, natural beauties are still preserved in Jubail

However, it’s not all work and no play in Jubail. Because of the developing economy, people from all around the world come to live here. In other words, there are a lot of restaurants, bars, and hangout opportunities for people moving in for the first time. Like Yanbu, it also has stunning beaches. Greenery, especially in the Industrial region, is another big living plus. There are also a lot of good options for shopping. Roads are better connected but can be a bit messy due to the prevailing industry.

Jeddah, one of the most popular destinations in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is renowned for satisfactory opportunities in living arrangements. Most foreigners who come to live here become residents of one of Jeddah’s many residential compounds. The residential areas offer a wide range of amenities for people with different hobbies. There are sports grounds and open parks for outdoor enthusiasts, clubs, and bars for nightlife seekers, and many shopping opportunities. Clubs and social gatherings exist for almost every hobby you can imagine, so you’ll always have someone to hang out with. And if you feel like leaving the compound for a while, a trip to the beach on the shore of the Red Sea, or checking out the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants, is also a good way to pass the time.

Jeddah is one of the most popular destinations in Saudi Arabia
Take a walk around Jeddah and find out why it’s one of the most popular destinations in Saudi Arabia

As with many cities, public transportation is not as developed as in other areas of living. Going out of the city is now easier than ever thanks to the International Airport. While traveling within a city can be a challenge if you don’t have a car. Therefore, hiring a driver is one of the best ways to get around the city. However, what it lacks in public transportation, it makes up for fine education and job opportunities. The schools are especially exemplary and there are many private international schools if you are moving in with your kids.

Depending on what you’re looking for when moving to Saudi Arabia, you can choose a city that would be most suitable for your needs and hobbies. Some of the popular destinations in Saudi Arabia have their pros and cons of living in them. But the important thing is not to be afraid to explore even further than that.

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