Post-Delivery Policies You Should Ask Your 3PL About

There are a few essential post-delivery policies you should ask your 3PL about. People rely on third-part logistics, expecting that they finish all jobs. They also hope that the agent will finish the job properly, not expecting any further problems. However, post-delivery time is also significant, and you should pay attention to it. If you cooperate with companies that organize air cargo, you will be surprised how fast and efficient they are.

Obligations that are included in post-delivery policies you should ask your 3PL about

Although you have relied on third-party logistics, you still have obligations. Among the first of them is to follow the law and respect the legislation. You should inform yourself about your part in this case and do not wait too long to fulfill your obligations. However, the other side should follow the rules, also.

An office
You should be able to ask people in the office for all post-delivery policies you should ask your 3PL about
  • You should know how long they will perform the job – moving companies in LA know how important that information is, and they will not avoid explaining anything;
  • It is for sure that you should prepare documents alone – although it is a job for the company you should have all information about it before;
  • Informing about post-delivery policies, you should ask your 3PL about you will avoid troubles and problems.

Claims process

Depending on the type of insurance you have, you should demand a claims process timeline. Based on the type of insurance you have, the obligations of the freight forwarding companies is different. However, it is defined in the contract, so they must follow the procedure.

Re-order and go back policy

There are situations that you easily can fall, and contracts must predict them. In cases when you need to make more returns and go backs than you have planned, who pays for them? Companies that organize cargo transportation will indeed define all parts precisely.

There are important rules about go pack policy and re-order

Cooperation is one of the post-delivery policies you should ask your 3PL about

It is hard to fulfill all obligations and expectations without cooperation on both sides. This part includes good communication, but it is only a beginning. You should have the information that you need as a client and provide feedback to the agency. Only in that way will the job be ended successfully.

What is the next step?

Although companies organize all alone, you are also obligated to involve in some parts in the post-delivery phase. The first you need to know is the next step and how to organize it properly. It would help if you also informed how you would know which is the next step. But first, learn what 3PL is and how they organize jobs.

You should define the obligations for delays in ports, too

Post-install feedback

It is hard to organize a job and work properly and quality if you do not know anything about clients’ opinions. A professional company will leave you time and place to give your feedback. You will help the new clients, but you will also help the company organize the job well. It is one of the post-delivery policies you should ask your 3PL about.

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