Pros and Cons of RFID Technology in Logistics

Our society evolves with each day. Innovations make our lives much easier. From transportation to shopping and education, innovations facilitate our everyday lives. One of the logistics innovations is RFID technology. This technology uses electromagnetic fields to find certain tags that can be placed on almost any object. If you want to research RFID technology, even one of the best shipping and logistics companies leads you on the pros and cons of RFID technology in logistics. 

Pros of RFID Technology in Logistics

There are many pros of RFID in logistics. One of them is accurate locating. This technology allows you to see products in real-time. That is especially useful if you want to track the package during the shipping. Another advantage is that you can check all information without having to contact customer support. You can see the status, the place, and the location of a product, throughout the warehouse Saudi Arabia and logistic centers. Also, you can check shipping updates within one or two minutes! RFID technology is also a great tool for loss prevention since you can track it anytime.

A chip used for RFID technology
There are both pros and cons of RFID technology in logistics.

By being able to check your stuff in a fast way from the comfort of your house, you gain more trust in your logistics company. Companies, on the other hand, have more satisfied customers. Also, operational costs are way lower thanks to this logistic technology. This technology is also very durable, especially for sun and rain.

Cons of RFID

Even though this technology makes transportation easier, there are still some cons. RFID technology in logistics is not very cheap. A company that uses this technology needs to pay for many things, such as :

  • Maintenance
  • Scanners
  • Chips, etc.

Costs can become more than 20 000 dollars. Therefore, it’s an expensive technology. Another issue can be privacy. A company can find out your information via this technology. For example, if your package is shipping to Saudi Arabia and you forget to take off the chip after you receive your package, your location can be discovered easily. This can be an example of a disadvantage, although it is not likely to happen.

Since they have a chip, anyone can remove it easily. If that happens it is almost impossible to track and find your package. Losing your package can be very frustrating, especially if it is valuable. Some might use this disadvantage for their good. Also, in warehouse Riyadh, the metal products and liquids can cause RFID to function improperly. They will make the tag not transmit at all. This situation can hardly happen if you use the bar codes.

A man scanning a barcode
Barcodes are less expensive than RFID.

To sum it up, it is good to have RFID technology in logistics. There are pros and cons to everything. Therefore, RFID also has them. However, other than security issues, there are more pros than cons. If you choose this technology, your service will be faster and more comfortable for both company and customers. If you opt for this type of technology, we wish you luck!

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