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In most cases, you should not bother to take your electronics abroad when relocating internationally. It is hard and rarely necessary, given the age we live in. You can now buy most electronic devices in any country or order them online. Also, cargo transportation in Saudi Arabia is familiar with this topic, given the deliveries and shipping requests that go on daily. Four Winds is here to inform you about all the obstacles that you may have in these situations. On the other hand, some people are emotionally connected to their devices. They cannot simply leave them behind. In those cases, you should know how to relocate your electronics abroad.

  • The first thing you should know when relocating your electronics abroad is that countries have different outlet plugs. Luckily, you can use adapters for those purposes;
  • It is imperative if the manufacturer has forbidden moving devices elsewhere – in some cases, they decline warranty if that happens;
  • For larger items, it is also vital if you have space for it – may be your device need special package or boxes;
  • There are situations when you will need documentation that proves that the device is yours;
  • Finally, why would you not consider starting a new life in a new country with entirely new equipment?

When all the above is considered, you can decide if you want to relocate your electronics or not. Make sure that you know how much this service costs if you’re going to provide documentation or special package for your electronics.

Mobile phone
For most of us, it is hard to leave behind precious devices

Firstly, ask yourself do you need to relocate your electronics abroad

The very first question in this situation is: do you need to take your electronics with you? There are situations when you will need special boxes or documentation for them. Most of the electronics are too large for standard packages and bags. That is why you should know if you need them in your new life. On the other hand, you can decide to take them with you if you are emotionally connected with them.

Large devices are hard for moving

Large items are very hard for moving. You should pack them correctly, use special boxes and labels and vehicles for moving. For those reasons maybe it is better to use storage Saudi Arabia for the first time, then you will quickly decide what to do with your electronics. Perhaps you will change your mind after moving.

Custom considerations

As in any other circumstances, moving abroad presumes to know the custom law and rules. It is especially important when moving electronics devices abroad. Luckily, customs clearance agents in Bahrain know their jobs and will to help you. They will inform you about the documentation, law, and other essential facts.

Do not forget taxes

Even though you will not take new devices with you, there are rules about the taxes for moving abroad. It is best if you can inform me about that before starting with moving. Also, make sure that your devices are worth sometimes paying moving taxes that are too high.

Which are alternatives if you decide not to relocate electronics abroad?

If you have decided to not take your devices with you, do not worry. There are possible options that help in these situations. You should know what to do with old devices and how to start packing. Do not forget that you should not throw electronics in the trash. You should follow the guideline for old electronics removing.

A camera that could make troubles if you want to relocate your electronics abroad
Maybe you can donate or sell your devices before moving


That is perhaps the best choice if you have decided to not take your devices with you. Also, you will have a feeling that you have helped someone or changed somebody’s life. However, there are great organizations that help in donating and connect people in these situations. Make sure that you have donated only devices that work.

Organize garage sale

Well, you will surely sell something before moving. That is the first advice that you will get when moving for a long time. However, electric devices are very sensitive and expensive. You might want to sell them safely. Luckily, there are great sites that could help you with this. If nothing, you can visit a local electronics store and check with them.

How to pack devices if you have decided to relocate your electronics abroad?

Packing is always the hardest when moving. In most of the cases, you should have special boxes and packages. However, knowing that electronics could be more extensive and smaller, we recommend using professional help. They will know how to pack and protect your precious devices. Also, make sure that you have informed the moving company that you have one of those large items.

Airline baggage policy

Do you know how hard is to pack bags for airplane following their rules about weight? Well, with electronics, things are even worse. You should inform before starting with packing. Most of them have fliers and written guides for these purposes.

Learn how to pack and protect

That is the first you should know when moving things abroad. It is especially important for electronics. They need special protection, as for them as for other items in the vehicle. When air cargo Bahrain is about, moving companies and transportation company will inform you how to protect and pack your electronics.

A smartwatch
The smaller the thing you want to relocate is, the easier the job of doing that will be.

Remove small parts

That is very important for moving, and especially for these sensitive and expensive devices. The first thing you should do is to remove all removable parts. Find a small box or bag for it and label them carefully. It is also good to save manual or write or even draw how you have removed those parts. It will help you later.

Do not forget insurance

Since electronic devices are costly, you must not start moving without proper insurance. That is very important when you move your items abroad. There are a lot of moving companies that could help you in these situations. Even though insurance law applies differently by countries, one is for sure. You should relocate your electronics abroad carefully and safely.

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