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Moving to a new home is often a very stressful moment in life. Fortunately, moving companies in Jubail such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia can help you here. We provide a wide range of moving services to make your move as simple as possible. As a relocation company with a rich and long history in KSA, we know all there is to know about the challenges that come with moving and logistics needs. Customer satisfaction is our core value, and we have countless positive reviews from past clients to prove it. Contact us directly to find out about the details of services that we, as exceptional Jubail movers, provide.

A man labeling a moving box when working with one of the moving companies in Jubail
If you’re preparing for a move to Saudi Arabia, moving companies in Jubail like ours are here to help.

What services do moving companies in Jubail offer?

A trait of a dependable moving company is that they provide numerous moving services. Our movers in Jubail can help you with anything that you might need. From small and big house moves to providing different types of storage units, we can do it all. Services that Four Winds offers are:

No two moves are the same, and that’s why you want to do business with a Jubail moving company that understands the potential complexity of relocating.

A truck from one of the best moving companies in Jubail
Trustworthy moving companies in Jubail can make your relocation a smooth and enjoyable experience

Residential moving

Our movers will put your household items in our truck and bring them to your new location. Regardless of whether your move includes a short 2-mile trip or a 200-mile trip to another city, professional local movers Saudi Arabia will efficiently and safely carry your items to your new home. Completely trained, experienced, and specialized movers in Jubail make moving house as easy and stress-free as possible.

Commercial moving

For businesses that want to move their office, our company also offers specialized services for business relocation. Moving offices in Saudi Arabia, if not properly handled, can be extremely distracting and lead to loss of productivity. Fortunately, moving companies in Jubail, like ours, have expertise, equipment, and strategies, such as storage facilities, employee transfer programs, and technology migration.

Moving furniture

If you just need to move several pieces of large furniture, then our movers can handle that also. They have the knowledge and skills to safely transport your bulky and heavy items. Thanks to special equipment and packaging technologies, your furniture will arrive at its destination in its original state.

Packing services

We all know that one of the most boring and tedious tasks during a move is packing. It can be monotonous and, depending on what you move, exhausting. However, if you leave this to us, then you can spend your valuable time on other important issues. Our movers have the proper packing equipment and materials to ensure that your items move safely.

Special moves

Some large items, like cabinets, require special equipment and more movers. Furniture cranes are usually necessary for the safe transport of these large items. In addition, antique or fragile things, such as paintings, dishes, or family heirlooms, require additional protective measures to ensure that your precious objects are not damaged. Therefore, we have a special offer for moving antique furniture as we understand just how hard this task can be for the untrained mover.

Saudi city at dawn
Don’t try and move without help to Jubail, as you don’t want to start your journey overthinking about every aspect of the move!


To make your packing even faster, our company offers a service where we will disassemble any furniture that you need us to. Thus, we can quickly pack it in boxes, speeding up the entire process of moving. In addition, our movers can reassemble any furniture that will allow you to quickly settle into your new home.


If you cannot get the keys to your house because of unforeseen circumstances, or if you just need a place to store some things, while you are preparing your new home, then you can use our storage facilities. Our storage units are clean and climate-controlled. All our units have an automatic alarm and fire protection system. And as an additional safety measure, we have a professional security team that guards your belongings.

Insurance is important when working with moving companies in Jubail

As one of the best moving companies in Jubail, we are proud to be able to safely transport you and your items. Therefore, we do our best to make sure that nothing goes wrong. However, we understand that there are some events and factors that are not in our hands and we cannot influence. That’s why we have insurance policies that go beyond the responsibility of our movers. They can cover the cost of your goods, the cost of replacement, or total loss.

Why should you hire one of the best moving companies in Jubail?

All services that Jubail moving companies offer allow you to fully adapt your moving package to your needs. Regardless of whether you need a full home moving service or just transport for several pieces of furniture, our professionals have a solution for you and it lies in the professional relocation services Saudi Arabia that we offer.

Why Four Winds Saudi Arabia is the smart choice to make?

When you need to hire professionals for your move, there are some requirements they need to meet. First of all, they need to have the right equipment to pack and transport all your belongings. Secondly, their experience is really important. If they are new in business, that does not have to mean they are bad. But, simply, you do not want your move to be one of the first they perform. Then, they need to have a professional approach. Moving is a really stressful event, and the last thing you need is rude movers. They should show you that they are handling it without problems. And, most importantly, it is really important that they are a legitimate moving company. You want to save your belongings, so hiring the right movers is extremely important.

Map of Saudi Arabia
Moving to Jubail presents an exciting opportunity to relocate to a fast-growing place

Why move to Jubail?

Jubail, situated along the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, is a prominent industrial city known for its strategic location and economic significance. Its evolution from a small fishing village to a modern metropolis is symbolic of the region’s progress. With a blend of tradition and modernity, Jubail attracts individuals seeking employment opportunities and a balanced lifestyle. The city’s growth is fueled by its status as a major industrial hub. It draws professionals from various sectors, contributing to its multicultural ambiance.

Why Jubail is a good place to live

Jubail offers a high quality of life, making it an appealing place to reside. The city has modern amenities, including well-maintained infrastructure, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. Its proximity to the Persian Gulf provides access to stunning coastal views and recreational activities like fishing, water sports, and beach outings. The city’s emphasis on community welfare is evident through its residential areas, which prioritize safety and convenience for families.

What makes Jubail stand out

Jubail’s significance is deeply rooted in its industrial prowess. It hosts one of the world’s largest petrochemical complexes, attracting skilled professionals from across the globe. The city’s industrial sector not only provides employment opportunities but also fuels economic growth for the entire region.

Moreover, Jubail isn’t just an industrial hub. It offers various attractions for both residents and visitors. The city features beautifully landscaped parks, museums highlighting its history, and vibrant marketplaces showcasing local crafts and products. Additionally, its strategic location allows easy access to nearby attractions, such as Dammam and Al Khobar.

As for its population, Jubail is home to a community comprising expatriates and locals, with estimates of over 300,000 residents. This multicultural populace contributes to the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and enriches its social life. In terms of accommodation, rental prices in Jubail vary based on location and property type. On average, a three-bedroom apartment might cost between $480 and $600, while the price per square meter to buy an apartment in the city center is between $1,906 and $3,369, depending on size and location.

Oil rig in Saudi Arabia
Jubail is known for its developed petrochemical industry, so there are plenty of jobs available on the market

Choose Four Winds Saudi Arabia for a seamless move!

Four Winds Saudi Arabia meets all the requirements for professional moving companies in Jubail. If you choose us to handle your next move, then you can be sure that it will be safe and stress-free. Give us a call and let us do all the heavy lifting for you, while you focus on other important aspects of the move and enjoy this new chapter in your life!

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