All you should know before shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

Importing a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA seems scary and impossibleBut, it is notIf it is your first time shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA, you will need help, tips, or a guide. We will help you understand all the rules and regulations. Research is among the most important thing when shipping. Not only a car but also other items too. Take time to collect all the right information and if you need some extra help, you can get it from the relocation company Jeddah. Shipping a car to another country is not a simple process, but it is possible. You can collect information from government websites and also ask people who have experience with car shipping to the USA.

So, where do you begin?

There are countless reasons why people decide to ship their vehicles. Sometimes it is because they are moving, and sometimes it could be some other personal matter. Whatever the reason is, you must be really smart about it and make sure that everything turns out great. Your first step is probably to check freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia to gather as much information as possible. Once you get that part over you will have more space to proceed and deal with other tasks. Keep in mind that this process is not that simple, but you can finish it quickly if you follow the steps properly. 

big ship carrying containers
There are several different ways how to prepare your vehicle for this process.

Start your preparation on time

As already mentioned shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA is not a simple process. In addition to requiring you to know the rules and regulations of both states, shipping a car requires patience and time. Therefore, when you plan to import your car to the USA, you must take enough time to prepare everything you need so that your move goes without any problems. The second thing you need to prepare for is certainly the wait because sending the car takes time.

The entire car shipping will last from 6-8 weeks and you must be assured that your car is in good hands. Apart from that, you will be the one to prepare your vehicle for this process so start on time. As gathering information is your first step, you should also know what exactly are you looking for so contact import export companies in Saudi Arabia to get more information.

Explore shipping companies for shipping cars from Saudi Arabia to the USA

To successfully import your car from Saudi Arabia to the USA, you must have adequate assistance. Not only you must know all the regulations, but also you should choose the right shipping company that can handle it successfully. The company must be reputable and reliable, with no exemptions. Your car will be shipped without any damage and it will be much easier for you. Hire a company with a lot of experience, that way you can ask them everything you want about shipping your car to the USA. Search for companies online and get recommendations. Good shipping and moving company is key to successful work.

Two men hold documents for shipping car from Saudi Arabia to the USA
Be sure that you have left enough time to prepare all the necessary documents for importing a car to the USA.

Things to know before shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

Exporting a car from Saudi Arabia requires preparation, especially if you are importing them to the USA. You need to be prepared even when you ship fragile items, not only cars. Why? Because you cannot import any type of car. Your car must be safe. That means if the car or any other vehicle is not conforming to U.S. safety and their standards, you cannot import it. So take the time to learn all the rules and regulations surrounding car shipping before you embark on the process. Or make the process easier for yourself, by asking the shipping company and leaving all the worries to them.

The date of manufacture of the car affects the shipping car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

Whether you will be able to import your car into the USA also depends on how old your car is. If your car is older than 25 years, it requires additional documents. But, if your car has more than 25 years, it can be shipped to the USA, no matter if it meets all the criteria. That is because it was manufactured before those rules were required. But, you must have all the documents to prove the date when the car was made.

If your car has less than 25 years, then the rules are different in this case. Do the research, because maybe you will need to change your car a little bit because of the US standards. If your car has an FMVSS certification (from the original manufacturer) you can import it without any changes. Even international movers Saudi Arabia will require you to have your paperwork ready as the absence of them can create certain issues for both parties!

Ship in the port for shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA.
You must rely on professionals who can assist you with shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

How to get documents from a manufacturer when shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

If you know that you can get those documents from your manufacturer you must request them immediately. Different car companies take different amounts of time to issue them and time plays a huge role in this process. If you already scheduled your relocation you can ask them to speed up the process due to the circumstances. Probably the best method is to not wait so long and do it before you continue the process. You will avoid all that stress and once the documents arrive you can move on to the next step.

Keep in mind that some car companies have a price for this. You will have to pay a certain amount of money to get the documents and for some people that could be an issue. If the price is too high and doesn’t fit your budget you must come up with a different solution. In Saudi Arabia, there are some agencies that will do this for you faster and much cheaper.

How to prepare your car for shipping from Saudi Arabia to the USA?

To make sure your car arrives in the USA in the condition you sent it in, you need to prepare it for shipping. It might sound like something complicated, but it really isn’t. To begin with, make sure you clean your car inside and out. All the vehicles must be cleaned before shipping to the USA or any other country. Dirt may damage your car. When you clean the interior of the car, remove all your items. Navigation, radio, or any other items that are not a basic part of the car.

Then if something needs to be repaired, be sure to do it before sending your car to Bahrain customs clearance. After cleaning, take a photo of your car from all angles. So if you see any damage after shipping, you can report it. Because if you have a photo, you will have proof. And at the very end, don’t forget to empty the tank of your car and lock it. If you comply with all this, you can be sure that you will receive your car in perfect condition.

Documents you need for shipping a car to the USA

You must have all the required documents. If you miss just one of them, your shipping will fail. When you hire a shipping company, they will tell you what documents you need for a successful shipping process. But, do not wait for that. Be informed in advance, because some documents you cannot get immediately.

man and his car during the sunset
Shipping companies understand how important your car is and they will make sure everything turns out right

Documents (copies) your moving company will need are those that will identify both you and your vehicle. If you have enough time on your hands, you can issues or renew them just in case. This is where you need to make sure everything will turn out ok, even if you will waste a little bit of your time. As soon as you provide these documents, you can proceed with regular plans and preparations:

  • A license document for your car (V5).
  • The photo page of your Passport.
  • A valid MOT certificate.

Additional documents you may need when shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

Apart from these documents and copies you will need, there are a couple of others that can’t be ignored. It is extremely important that you have everything ready on time, both because of the issuing and shipping. The rest of the Documents (copies) required by the USA:

  • A Bill of Leading
  • Passport and visa
  • A license document for your car (V5)
  • NHTSA form HS-7
  • EPA form 3520-1
  • DOT Conformance Bond
  • Copy the contract with the RI
aerial photo of the cargo ship
Apart from gathering documents, you must also gather information about this particular shipment

The last three documents are only required if you need to import a non-confirmed vehicle less than 25 years old to the United States. This should serve as a reminder that you should always keep documents close to you, especially for things like this one. Even though employees will not ask for them all the time, you still must know where everything is at any given moment.

Shipping a car from Saudi Arabia – costs and fees

What most people are most concerned about when it comes to shipping a car is the prices, costs, and fees that need to be paid. Because sending a car is not cheap and you need to recalculate in time whether it is worth it at all. Or maybe it’s better to temporarily use storage Saudi Arabia to store the car.

The distance affects the price of the shipping car

So, you should calculate all the costs of shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USIt depends on many different factors. Type of vehicle and where you are shipping your car. The US is a big country. So it is not the same if you are shipping your car to Los Angeles or New York City. Distance is the most important factor, but not the only one.

If you import your car by ocean from Saudi Arabia to New York port the price will be around 2300 dollars, while the price to California port will be 3300 dollars. After that, you have to count on the land part of the transportation, because it depends on where you want to ship your car. For example, shipping a car from a New York port to Boston, MA will cost you an additional $400, and shipping from a New York port to Atlanta, GA about $700. Therefore, when sending your car, choose the closest port to save money.

A woman counts money for shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA
Spread the costs wisely and explore all options for shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA.

There are several different options for shipping a car

When choosing the shipping company and their service, try to balance costs and quality. It will not be cheap, but you can choose different types of shipping and save money.

  • Roll on Roll shipping is a cheap option when shipping cars from Saudi Arabia to the USAThe average costs for this type of shipping are $800 (port charges, customs clearance, and security filing and bond fees).
  • Container shipping is more expensive than Ro-Ro shipping but it has its benefits. You can ship your household items too with that container. The average price is about $1,500 (port charges, customs clearance, security filing, fees, and transport to the warehouse and unloading). It is a good option if you are moving to the USA, and of course, you can choose the size of it (usually it is 20′).

Choose the car delivery location depending on your needs

When your car arrives in the USA from Saudi Arabia, you need to decide how you will transport it further and where you will pick it up. In that case, you have two options open:

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Delivery to the terminal of the shipping company

Both options have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Door-to-door delivery means that the shipping company delivers the car to your address. This is a simpler and safer option, but it is also more expensive. On the other hand, the moving company can leave your car at the terminal of the shipping company, from where you can pick it up. It is a much cheaper option, but there is a possibility that your vehicle will be damaged. Taking this into account, if you are importing a luxury car, the smarter choice is the door-to-door option. And if you want to save money, shipping to the shipping company’s terminal makes sense.

A car parked next to the plane.
Always choose safer options such as door-to-door delivery when importing luxury cars to the USA.

Duty and taxes for shipping a car to the USA

Regardless of whether you are exporting a car from Saudi Arabia, or shipping to Saudi Arabia, there is always a duty that you need to pay. So logically, there is some duty to pay when shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA. For cars, a duty is 2.5% of the value of the car. The average price is 2.5 percent, but it also depends on the status of the person importing the vehicle. Free entry may be applied sometimes. Without paying taxes and duties, you cannot register your car in the USA.

What to do if you come across certain obstacles?

During this process, you can easily face a couple of obstacles that won’t be so pleasant. This could be due to documents, the car itself, or any other factor that is included in shipping. If that happens you must know what to do to avoid stress, huge fees, and of course your car staying in Saudi Arabia. Cargo transportation Saudi Arabia works pretty well and considering that part, you shouldn’t have any issues. Your biggest enemy here is probably time. You must always maintain good communication with cargo employees from the moment you schedule your shipping. They will be the ones to tell you if something is not right so that everyone can act quickly.

man standing in the port watching ships
No matter if you are moving or simply shipping off your car, you must be ready to wait a couple of weeks for the process to be over

Those who are shipping their car because they are moving to the USA will have a lot of other tasks as well. Don’t let them overtake you as your car is extremely important. Consider shipping off your car first. If you have some friends or family members in the USA, let them take over your vehicle until you officially move. It will be much easier to pick it up in the USA and you can easily do it once your relocation is over. 

More useful information on shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA

Here are some interesting statistics to know about shipping cars – the most common destination for exporting cars in Saudi Arabia is the USA. People do it often mostly because of work, relocations, and other personal matters. And in case you wish to come back you must know how the law of this country works. For example, Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow cars that are older than 5 years to be imported. That means that even if you manage to ship it to the USA, you probably won’t be able to get it back. Air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia will also not accept vehicles that were included in some kind of service before. So, if your vehicle used to be a taxi or a police vehicle, you will not be able to ship it to Saudi Arabia.

In terms of time, even the USA can hold on to your documents and your vehicle for some time. This is completely normal and shouldn’t bother you too much. The period they offer is around ten days which is not much for such a huge process. According to some statistics, in recent years, air freight to Saudi Arabia is becoming more and more popular. you can even use it for your vehicle transportation as well if you find it more suitable. The process is pretty much the same and the only difference is that it may last shorter. On the other hand, you can also expect the price to be higher.

black jeep in the garage
Make sure your car is prepared and ready for shipping on time.

Enjoy this process as your vehicle will be safe

Let’s not forget how you will feel as your car is about to set on this journey. It’s clearly not easy when your car travels to a faraway destination, but it’s certainly a temporary feeling. If you follow the guidance and trust professionals with the process everything will be fine. During the time your vehicle is traveling a lot of companies will offer you an option of tracking. And in case you need some additional services during the process like using the warehouse Saudi Arabia, or just simple advice, go for it. For those who will still worry about how things will turn out this is a wonderful option. Relax and enjoy watching how shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA works. Once everything is over you can continue with your plans, follow your car to the USA or stay in Saudi Arabia.

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