Tips for shipping fragile items

Shipping items has become a global trend. For online shopping, moving, or simply sending an item to a friend. But, what should you do when you have to pack a fragile item for shipping? Shipping fragile items is an unfamiliar concept to some people. On the other hand, it is not a big problem because we have some tips that are very helpful.

Wooden box for shipping fragile items.
Fragile items are very sensitive to shipping. But it is possible to do with the right tips.

Before you start with anything, packing or choosing a professional logistics company, you should do research about this type of shipping. Especially if you are shipping for the very first time and it is your business. No matter if they are fragile or not. These tips can be used in both cases if you are a company or individual.

Simple tips for packing and shipping fragile items

Shipping is not usually the most exciting thing to do. But, it is a must if you have a company. Also, when people are moving, they sometimes ship their items to a new place. Sometimes (or all the time) you have to ship fragile items, such as glasses, vases, moving china and crystal glassware, etc. Preparing fragile items can be easy by following these steps and tips.

Have the right box

The first step when shipping fragile items or any different type of items is to have the right box. Packing boxes or crates for fragile items should be new, firm and the right size too. If the box is not good, nothing else will be. That is why this is the first step. The size of the box should be the same or a little bit bigger than the fragile item. But, make sure it is not too big because your fragile item will be broken probably.

Cardboard box for shipping fragile items.
Use a good and firm box to put and ship your fragile item.

When it comes to the material of the box it MUST be firm. Do not use cheap and filmy boxes because it could be dangerous for your fragile item. A strong box is a key for successful shipping of fragile items. 

Wrapping material and wrapping the fragile item

The second thing you will need is wrapping material. Get enough wrapping material because you do not want to under wrap the fragile item. Also, do not overwrap the fragile item because it will add the weight and your shipping is going to cost more. Also, do not pack more than one fragile item in the box to save wrapping material and boxes. Air bubble foil is a great option for wrapping fragile items. It should be enough if you wrap it 2 or 3 times. Packing peanuts will give your item additional security. That is why your bo should be a little bit bigger than your fragile item.

Do not wrap the item too tightly because you will add extra pressure to the fragile items. And that can cause damage. Especially if you are shipping antiques. They are extremely sensitive.

Secure the box too

When shipping fragile items, the way your box is secured is important. After you are done with wrapping your fragile item, put it in the box and secure it well. Seal the box with a quality tape and do not save it. If the box is not closed properly, it can be opened during the shipping process. And that will not be finished good. Protect each side of the box and it will be safe.

Keep in mind that your goods can be damaged during the shipping. Someone can drop the box or rain can ruin the box. Plastic bags are a great option if you want to give your box an extra layer of protection. If your box will be shipped somewhere far away, that requires every layer of protection because it will be handled more.

Weigh the whole item

After wrapping and putting the fragile item into the box, weigh it. Do not measure the item before all these steps because when you want to ship any item, not just a fragile one, they will measure everything. The weight of the box, item and wrapping material too. This way you will get an accurate weight.

A scale.
After wrapping and putting the item into the box, weigh it.

Label the box properly

Now, it is time for labeling. It is important and you need to pay special attention when shipping fragile items because they need special care, treatment, and attention. How to label the box with fragile items properly?

  • Label each side of the box. When shipping fragile items, people will pay more attention if they see it is fragile. So, however they pick the box, they will see it is fragile.
  • Use the dark black market for labeling.
  • You can buy “fragile” stickers and put them on the box too.
  • You can use a stamp if you have a company and put it on the box. Investing money in a stamp may be very useful if you are shipping these items often.

Purchase insurance

Consider purchasing insurance for shipping your fragile items. Anything can happen. So, better be safe than sorry. During the shipping process, the box could be dropped, or something else may happen to the item. If you do not want to worry, simply purchase insurance. It is not complicated and too much expensive.

Calculating the insurance for shipping.
If you want safe shipping, purchase insurance and do not worry.

Add a return address

Sometimes the boxes may be lost. So, if you add a return address you will solve a problem. It is very important because your packaging will be back to you if something goes wrong. Just write return address and add your full address. Also when you add the destination address make sure you put the right postcode. Do a double check.

So, now when you have all the right tips for shipping fragile items, you can do it stressless. If you need to ship other items, it will be a little bit easier but it also requires good care.

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