Shipping machinery and machine parts – where to start?

Shipping machinery and machine parts is an arduous and complex task. But it doesn’t have to be like that in every scenario. You don’t really need much information about shipping these sorts of materials. You just need to be very familiar with the specifics of your machine and it’s parts. The rest is on us as your shipping company. That is why Four Winds Saudi Arabia exists, to help you transport your cargo. We will give you an estimate, and advice about what types of transportation to use. But first, let us see which services will work best for your cargo.

You need to know full information on your machinery and machine parts before shipping

The first and most important thing before you prepare for the move is to know the details about the machinery or machine part that you are planning to ship. You have to learn the dimensions and if it is possible, the weight of your cargo. Also, you will need to know any other specifics that could be important for your clinical trial logistics team. It would be good to provide them with a producer’s manual in this situation. And if you have it, you should first read about your machine’s moving parts because they will have to be dissembled. Check to see if there are any liquids that need to be drained before you can move the machine. And any other important detail that you can find and present to your logistics company before they start preparing for shipping your machinery and machine parts.

There are many ways of shipping machinery and machine parts

Shipping machinery and machine parts with the help of an experienced shipping company

In the vast and diverse market of shipping companies, it is hard to tell which one to hire. And in this situation, where you are shipping machinery and machine parts, precisely the type and size of your cargo can help you narrow your search. Do research on the internet and try to find shipping and logistics services that had previous involvement with carrying loads similar to yours. If your machine is somewhat unique or a brand that is not very common, maybe you will have trouble with finding such examples. In case you are shipping a cultivator, for example, you will need a company that has experience in shipping agricultural machinery. You may even know someone who had an experience with shipping similar items. Then they will be able to give you a recommendation regarding which shipping company to hire.

Packing machinery and machinery parts

There are many different packaging solutions depending on the size and other specific details of your cargo. If your machinery or parts are small in size, or if shipping car from Saudi Arabia to the USA is what you need, you might be willing to pack them yourself. If so, you need to make sure that you know how to prepare and pack your cargo so it can withstand the long trip. Large machines oftentimes get crated before shipping, but the biggest ones usually travel with no packaging at all. Crating and lifting heavy machinery and machine parts is not of your concern, you just need to tell the shipper all important details about your load. That way, when they come to pick it up they know how to handle it.

Shipping your machinery by plane is the most expensive way of shipping.

Different ways of shipping machinery and machine parts

Ocean freight, air freight, rail or truck are available for use. Usually, shipping companies will offer to you different routes and means of transportation, but the prices will vary as well. Every company has its own routes and methods of transporting cargo. Also, if you want your machinery to be delivered urgently, that will cost you extra. So you can save a lot of money if you decide on slower means of transportation. Sometimes your cargo needs to be transported using the combination of several types of transportation. But anyway, the time required for your cargo to arrive at its destination is the thing that separates the expensive offers from the cheaper ones.

  • Ocean freight is the best way of shipping machinery and machine parts. And it can reach almost all parts of the world.
  • Airfreight is the fastest but most expensive way of transportation. If you are in a hurry, or you just need the best care for your cargo use airfreight.
  • Road freight has many advantages, but also lots of drawbacks. It is the most common way of transporting machinery and machine parts.
  • Rail stays the most reliable way of transporting goods on land.

1. Sea freight

Sea freight is the slowest. However, in some cases, it is the only way of transporting machinery and machine parts. This is specifically true for big and heavy machinery that you need to transport overseas. But you can take comfort in knowing it is the most environmentally friendly type of transportation.

2. Airfreight

Airfreight is the most expensive option. But it is so because it is the fastest way of transporting goods. It also requires less documentation than other means of shipping machinery and machine parts. People don’t usually experience many delays, and the security of your cargo will be at the highest level.

There are many ways to ship your cargo and you will have to decide which one it the best for your type of machinery.

3. Shipping machinery and machine parts by road

Shipping machinery and machine parts by using trucks are the most common way of transportation on the planet. It is not expensive, and your cargo can be delivered to your doorstep or to your warehouse. But since trucks have very limited space, they can’t carry extremely cumbersome or heavy machines. Plus, they are very dependent on the weather and traffic conditions, as well as on customs clearance regulations.

4. Rail freight

Even though it is old fashioned transportation, rail remains the most reliable and efficient way of land transportation. It boasts reliable delivery times and schedules, and it is convenient for shipping large and heavy machines.

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