Tips for shipping small packages

There are plenty of challenges when you are looking to prepare smaller belongings for the shipping process. One thing is certain – shipping small packages is easier than moving heavy items. However, there are many advantages to this type of shipping, too. You should prepare yourselves for many troubles that could occur. And Four Winds Saudi Arabia are here to help you with that.

Small items could lose and that is actually the most common trouble that happens with shipping small packages;

  • Many small packages are fragile since those are mostly made of glass, ceramic or wood;
  • If not packed properly, small items could damage other items in the truck;
  • There are small packages that people have prepared as a gift so they are expensive;
  • It is for sure that small packages usually include valuable things like watches, jewelry or expensive gifts. That is why you need to provide safe shipping.

There is a phrase that says – “Poison is kept in small bottles“. It means that a small package usually implies something valuable or the most dangerous. For professional shipping companies Saudi Arabia, small packages are smaller than 150 lbs. Shipping small packages includes special types of protection and shipping methods.

Toy car with small packages on it.
Shipping small packages requires additional preparation.

Choosing the right company for shipping small packages

The first step is choosing the right company, as always. There are only a few companies on the market that do that job. It could be a hard decision, though. Small items are usually difficult for packing and protecting. Keep in mind that price could be different from company to company.

Ask for the services they offer

There are many ways for shipping small items. Always ask the company for the logistic services they offer. Since they are small, we presume that they can send them day-to-day. On the other hand, you can choose two-day, three-day or other services, too. Those could be cheaper and do not affect your job.

Negotiate with multiple services (and use multiple services, too)

Many people and companies choose to use different services and companies for shipping small packages. There are situations when one company offers great conditions for valuable things or fine art logistic. The other company could be great for fragile items shipping, too. Also, negotiate with them, especially for shipping in bulk.

Safety is priority

Obviously, you will need to say to the company what is in the package. There are many types of insurance in every company. However, it is not easy to predict what will happen when shipping small packages.

Know box size

Every company has its own boxes and crates. A small box could have different measures, though. It could have a long side and short height, or vice versa. If you know the exact measure of every package you will pack your item easily. It could also save money.

Check if they guarantee to pay back and accept complaints

There are many companies that allow you to order special conditions for your package. However, more important is their acceptance of your complaint and giving the money back. That is especially important if your package is damaged.

Ask for free boxes

If you are a company who is interested in shipping small packages in bulk, you can have a great discount. However, not every company will inform you about that. So, ask for that service before starting to talk about the price.

Transporting of small packages

Shipping small packages usually do not affect transportation. They could transport them very easy in a smaller vehicle. However, there are situations when companies, in order to save money, pack small packages with large ones. In that case, you should know how to prepare yourself and the package.

Shipping small packages in a large truck - a draw
Small packages are mostly shipped in large vehicles

Use zone shipping

It is a service that allows skipping of zones in the country for easy and fast shipping. There are many logistics services Saudi Arabia that you can use for choosing the best option. This will surely save time and money.

Consider tracking services

This is one more service that shipping small packages make easier and safer. You can choose this option in order to follow your shipping until it arrives. However, this service cots, so prepare yourself for it.

Separate items on small packages

When we talk about the money savings, you can save money shipping more than one package actually. Shipping small packages is usually cheaper as the package is smaller. If you have an option to separate one larger item on two or three smaller boxes it could be a cheaper option.


You may think that the packing of small items is the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately, it is not that simple as you think. Small items are usually expensive and valuable. On the other hand, they can lose. That is why is packaging very important when shipping small packages is about.

Re-pack and re-use

If you have a company that sends small packages often, you can use old boxes for packing. Just make sure that boxes are clean and dry. If you use an old newspaper, be careful with the ink. It could leave marks on the things in the boxes.

Buy packaging in bulk

Again, this is a great thing for those who send small items often. Boxes are cheaper if you buy a whole package of them. It is only important to know which size most appeals to you. Do not forget about the different shapes of the boxes, too.

Stay informed about prices

This means that if you use this service often, you should know if there are changes in prices. Many companies offer discounts in some parts of the year. Other ones could allow you discount if you buy often packages from them.

A box for jewelry
Small items are usually jewelry or valuable things

Purchase label printer

This is one of those things that every company should consider. If you send small packages often, the easiest is to have your own printer and labels. This saves your time and money. It also provides a unique approach to clients. Besides using labels from the internet, you can also make your own labels. If you put the company’s logo on it, shipping small packages gets a more professional tone.

H-tape method

You should know that every box demands special and safe taping. It includes a special type of taping, the so-called H-tape method. That will protect items inside and prevent loss.

Put the box in a box

Presumably, shipping small packages that contain valuable and fragile things are serious. The best way to protect them is by putting the box in a box. Put loose fill peanuts in between them. Now, your box is safe.

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