The Transport of Oversize Cargo by Sea

Companies consider the transport of oversize cargo by sea when cargo exceeds the limits of standardized transportation. The cargo could be bigger by weight or size, so the company has to prepare and transport the weight in a different way than usual. Transporting is difficult for many reasons, mostly because of special vehicles that the company has to use and due to special safety measures the company has to prepare. One of the best shipping and logistic companies usually adjust their vehicles or design special vehicles to transport those items. For those reasons, transporting is always expensive and demands a longer time for preparation.

The transport of oversize cargo by sea

Transporting larger items than standardized demands many adaptations and adjusting to new measures. In case the cargo is larger in size, the company has to design special vehicles, while in exceeded weight company has to use the special vehicle. In both cases, they would try to separate the cargo into parts that are easier to pack and transport.

Heavy machines
Organizing the transport of oversize cargo by sea presumes special packing

Maritime transport

Usually, it presumes conventional routes for shipping items, regardless of the weight and size, so companies always try to transport cargo keeping these paths. In that way, the transport of oversize cargo by sea is organized, so the vehicle is adapted to the new situation, using larger containers and vehicles. These models are used when cargo is slightly bigger than standardized models. Cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia always try to keep these routes to save money and time.

Open top container

This time, the weight is higher than usual, so the standard container is not capable of transporting items in a common way. Containers are made on standard measures, but without the roof, so higher items will not damage. You can see that many companies that organize ocean freight to Saudi Arabia use this method, and they usually have prepared containers for these purposes.

Flat-rack container

When items are high but also too wide to stand on the classic container, companies use the flat-rack container. It is a model without a roof and walls, so each side is opened for larger items. When companies have sea cargo Jeddah that cannot fulfill standard measures of the container, they will use these models. This means that you will use models with the adjusted floor, too, since items shipped this way are larger than standard containers.

Break bulk

It is not quite the transport of oversize cargo by sea, but it presumes to ship of special types of cargo. In this model, companies pack different items with the same features separately, without the container, only into the hold of the ship. This model is much more common in situations where companies disassemble larger pieces to transport them together to avoid loss and damage.

Other details important for transporting oversize cargo

Shipping oversize cargo is not simply packing and transporting. Companies have to prepare special documentation and make a plan of shipping in these cases. In those cases, you will need to inform about legislation and needed documentation to follow the regulations in this field.

Logistic is different

If you are capable of using maritime transportation with adjusted vehicles, you will not have much trouble preparing it. However, if you transport extremely large items, you will maybe be forced to change your vehicle or route. The most important for the transport of oversize cargo by sea in these cases is to change and adapt logistics to the new rules, so you can make this process easier and safer.

Lifting of heavy machines
You should organize lifting heavy machines and parts

You will need special documentation

Companies know that the transport of oversize cargo is not the same as others, so they prepare documents that are demanded in these cases. Not only that they have to prepare the licenses and allowances for shipping of those goods, but they also need to get a special license for the vehicle for shipping. Also, depending on the items you ship, you will need special allowances and approvals for shipping large items.

Loading the vehicle when transporting oversize cargo

the transport of oversize cargo by sea is specific for many reasons, and loading is one of them. Obviously, you cannot use the same methods and types of loading for extremely large or heavy items. There are special machines that companies use for these purposes.

Dollies and vessels

It is great when you can load the ship using dollies or similar small helpers to load the ship. They are usually handy, and one or two workers can manipulate them. On the other hand, they save the health of the workers, avoiding the most common back injuries. You should use them whenever you can.

Roll on/roll off containers

This model is the best and most used when transporting oversize cargo by sea, and companies use it whenever they can. It presumes to have a special deck with wheels, which you can attach to any other vehicle like a truck or bus. You can also transport the deck to the ship and easily load it to the ship.

  • The model is the easiest to frequently used because of its easy access and simple usage;
  • The transport of oversize cargo by sea is faster when you do not lose time on repacking and loading;
  • You should not use too many workers for loading, which saves time and money.

Load on/lift off model

This is a method for extremely high and heavy items that you cannot put into the vehicle in any other way. It presumes large machines that lift the cargo, which common workers cannot perform. This is a model that saves time, too, but also helps the company to load the truck in a short time. However, it could be much more expensive because you need to use special machines for it.

Port with containers
You should organize shipping perfectly to avoid problems

What companies usually transport this way?

Usually, the items that companies transport on this way are machines, large furniture, and vehicles. However, there are a lot of different situations when companies transport items not that common but they also need to  transport. Among them are construction material, dangerous material, industrial machinery, pipes, cables, coil, and many others. The transport of oversize cargo by sea is sometimes harder because of the dangers of the items you transport.

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