The ultimate checklist for moving to KSA

If you plan to relocate to Saudi Arabia you should plan your move abroad in advance. Organizing a move to another country is not an easy task. It involves many tasks and activities and good timing is crucial. You need to find reliable moving companies in Saudi Arabia, pack your belongings, rent a storage facility, etc. Here is the ultimate checklist for moving to KSA.

General information about living in KSA

Moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be a cultural shock for someone from Western society. You will be expected to comply with the laws and rules of local life. Some areas, such as the city of Riyadh are quite conservative. Gender segregation is considered normal. Women are obliged to wear an abaya in public places, a full length, black robe-like dress. Until recently it was illegal for women to drive in the county. However, as long as you are respectful of their way of life you don’t have to worry about fitting in.

Start packing well in advance.
Downsizing is a mandatory step before you start packing.

Find a reliable moving company

Hiring experienced movers to handle your possessions is the most important part of the relocation. If you are moving to Yanbu, make sure to research local moving companies in Yanbu. Local movers know the best routes to avoid heavy traffic and will be able to give valuable advice. The moving company you choose should be licensed and offer insurance. Also, its movers must be well-trained, responsible, and careful with your things.

The ultimate checklist for moving to KSA – packing tips

Packing is the most tiring and time-consuming part of the moving process. It should start several weeks before the moving day. First, organize all your belongings. Get rid of the unnecessary items, clothes you no longer wear, furniture that won’t fit into your new home. Remember that the cost of your relocation depends on the weight and volume of your things. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new things than to move old ones. Once you decide what you want to bring to your new home in KSA, start packing. Gather packing supplies and learn proper packing techniques.

Moving professionals use quality packing materials.
Professional packers will accelerate your moving process.

If you are not an experienced mover, it is best to hire packing services. Professional packers will use quality packing materials and handle your possessions with care. Also, they will save you a lot of time and energy.

Pack an essentials bag

Moving essentials bag will be your survival kit during the first few days. This is especially true when moving to another country. You don’t want to go through towers of boxes in order to find a toothbrush or medicine. That is why it is important to prepare a bag that will contain the items you will need straight away. That includes towels, toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, electronics, important documents. We wish you a happy and safe relocation to Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, our ultimate checklist for moving to KSA will facilitate your move.

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