Tips for preparing clothes for storage during winter

Our homes, over the years, accumulate an astounding number of clothing items. So much so that we are forced to consider storage options for our clothing. Some of us find a way to store them in our homes but others utilize storage services that packers and movers in Saudi Arabia offer. Regardless, one thing is common with both options. And that is the need for preparing clothes for storage during winter. There is nothing worse than taking your items out of storage and realize that they have been damaged, after all. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how you pack and prepare your clothing before tucking them away for their season. This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Useful tips for preparing clothes for storage during winter?

Here is what you will need to do, for optimal storing experience:

  • Wash and dry all clothes
  • Sell unwanted items or donate
  • Use plastic bins when preparing clothes for storage during winter
  • Create an inventory list
  • Preparing clothes for storage during winter – Protect your clothes from bugs
  • Rent a climate-controlled storage unit
clothes in the drawer
Always wash and fold your clothing before storing them.

Wash and dry all clothes

The first thing that you need to do is to wash all of the clothes that you wish to store. Even if you believe that they are clean, you might as well put them through the washer, anyway. This is to ensure that there isn’t anything on them that can be of any danger during storage. This is especially important if you are utilizing any of the storage Saudi Arabia solutions, as you don’t want to introduce anything that might spread on the rest of your items. After washing them, of course, you are going to need to thoroughly dry them before you take them to the storage unit. Humidity is the greatest danger to your clothing and you need to ensure that there isn’t any. This will form a good base for what comes next.

Sell unwanted items or donate

While you are preparing your items for winter storage, you will encounter some that you simply don’t see yourself wearing anymore. Put any such belongings on the side, you will have several options for them. The first option is to sell them in a garage sale or via an online marketplace. This can provide you with a financial boost that you can use to procure some new garments. While you are going through this process, it is also a good time to make a storage inventory list, which will serve you in the months and years to come. But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of selling your belongings, you can also donate them to charity.

two women holding a lot of paper bags, talking, smiling
Selling clothes that you don’t see yourself using anymore is always a good idea.

However, don’t think that charities will take everything. You can only donate the items that are in good condition. If you have plenty of clothes to donate, you can even schedule for a charity to come and pick them up. This is definitely the easiest option, which will take the least of your own time and effort. Of course, the best way is for you to drive the items to one of the collection centers, as charities are usually quite busy.

Use plastic bins when preparing clothes for storage during winter

The best containers for your clothes, where winter storage is concerned, are plastic bins. They will provide the maximum amount of protection and their composition will not allow for anything rubbing off on your clothes. But they are not the only container that is suitable for this purpose. Before you choose the right storage container, you need to consider what kind of items you will be storing, first. For some clothing, cardboard boxes are also alright but they really should be your last resort. Vacuum bags are particularly good for this purpose, as they can reduce the storing size considerably.

Create an inventory list

Whenever you are storing anything, you will want to have an easy reminder of what is in storage. Therefore, before you send your items to storage, you will need to create an inventory list of your belongings. This will make it a lot easier to figure out where your belongings are, at all times. There may come a time where you want to find a particular piece of clothing and instead of rummaging through your entire house, you can simply refer to the list. Of course, if you have the time and inclination, this is something that you can apply to every item in your apartment. It will come real handy if you need to go through a relocation process in the future, as well.

woman writing, cup of coffee and phone next to her
Creating an inventory list is a smart thing to do.

Preparing clothes for storage during winter – Protect your clothes from bugs

Insects pose the greatest danger to your clothing during their stay in storage. After all, you are not going to be checking up on those items all the time so these bugs will have a lot of time to do all kinds of mischief. The best protection for your items is a bug repellent spray, which you can apply to your items before you store them. This will ensure that your items are safe and sound from all kinds of bugs. However, do not apply ludicrous amounts of it as that can damage your clothes on its own. It can also be really hard to remove the smell afterward. But if you use the optimal amount (refer to the instruction manual, always), you will have no troubles.

Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

But if you want to ensure the maximum protection for your clothes, you are going to need the best type of storage unit available. Climate-controlled storage units regulate humidity, which is the greatest danger to your items. This is especially important if any amount of humidity can wreak havoc on your clothes. But for the most part, any storage unit will do, if you prepare your clothes accordingly. Renting this type of unit is usually reserved for the most expensive clothes, which you might not want to store in a storage unit, anyway. But if you do, this is the unit to do it in.

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