Top 5 Commonly Confiscated items on airports

Today we all know that some objects like liquids over 100ml are not allowed at airports. Also on that list, you can find sharp objects, bullets, drugs, and many other things that we shouldn’t carry with us on the fly. Whether you like to travel or not, you must have found yourself in an awkward situation where security asks you to open the hand luggage and to search your bags. Hereinafter you can find commonly confiscated items at airports, but also you can find some funny and unusual things.

Here is a list of the top 5 commonly confiscated items on airports

Some of the most commonly confiscated items on airports are:

  1. Olive and olive’s oil
  2. Bible and crosses
  3. Alcohol
  4. Sex toys
  5. Exotic animals 

Sex toys are a really unusual object that is confiscated by the officers at the airports.

Many people are enjoying playing with handcuffs and many other items, but when it comes to air cargo Saudi Arabia, be sure that you left all of your sex toys at home. If you take them with you, there is a risk that airport security will take them away from you. A better idea is to buy new handcuffs and kinds of stuff. But if you are traveling to Saudi Arabia you should have in mind that sex toys and any items related to sex are prohibited.

Sex toys and everything related to sex is prohibited in Saudi Arabia

Wine and olives

Do so many people carry olives and olive oil when they are flying? The answer is obviously, YES! And what about Nutella, Jam, and Marmite? They also have their place on the list of 5 commonly confiscated objects in airports.¬†Olives and wine is a really common thing that is confiscated by federal officers, especially if travelers come from the Mediterranean. But, we have to admit who wouldn’t want to bring a piece of Meditteran with himself. Be aware that officers are gonna take everything that is not in the original packaging, or that is open. Alcohol is the number one prohibited item in Saudi Arabia, be aware that they have punishments for drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia.

Exotic Animals

Snakes, reptiles, spiders, and many other exotic animals seem to be really popular confiscated items by TSA officers. Passengers try to smuggle in exotic animals in their pockets, hats even in underwear. People try to sell exotic animals on the black market or they just want to take their pets with them. Although we all know these items are illegal to be brought on a plane, some people still trying.

Snakes are the most common animals that are smuggled in airplanes and confiscated by TSA

Bible and Crosses

All kinds of religious books are restricted to bring with themself to Saudi Arabia. Also, prohibited items are items that are incompatible with Islam’s religious teaching.

Let’s summarize

If you are traveling to any country in Saudi Arabia you should call your airline company to ask which is forbidden items that you shouldn’t be bringing with you.

But, if you are planning to relocate, the first thing you need to do is to call moving companies in Saudi Arabia to inquire what is forbidden and what isn’t.

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