Top 7 Things to Do Before Relocating Overseas

An overseas relocation usually means moving across an ocean to the other half of the earth. People can react differently to this big change. Some are excited to start a new life chapter. Some are looking forward to meeting and getting to know other cultures. However, some people might experience anxiety and high stress and feel like they are lost. That is quite normal in a situation like this since you are leaving everything you know and moving to a different place. If you are planning to move overseas, you must prepare yourself in many ways, not just financially. Therefore, one of the best relocation companies in Jeddah leads you on 7. things to do before relocating overseas.

7 Things to Do Before Relocating Overseas

There are some things you should do before relocating to the other part of the globe. The first thing is to have your paperwork prepared. You have to apply for a visa when moving overseas. Some countries require working and residency visas, and some need the second one. Some countries need proof that you have not been criminally charged, some need a clean financial bill, etc. You will need your driving license translated, passport, medical and dental records, school diplomas, etc. If you are moving with your family, you should apply for these documents a couple of months before the moving date. It’s better to be early than late. Other things you should do are:

  • Learn about the country you are moving to
  • Learn an official language
  • Find housing
  • Do a big decluttering job
  • Organize healthcare
  • Organize schooling
A globe on the sand
Some of the things to do before relocating overseas is getting your paperwork in order.

Learn about the country you are moving to

A very vital thing to do is learn about the country you are moving to. You can do that by using many sources. Examples- blogs, vlogs, and reading stories from Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People who already live there can give you an insight into living there. Seeing both pros and cons is an essential part of moving preparation. You should learn about their culture, cuisine, history, etc. By doing so, you are showing interest and respect for the desired country.

 Moreover, some countries such as the USA require you to take a history test to prove your knowledge. Different countries have different cultures, cuisine, traditions, etc. Some things will seem less strange if you get to know them in advance. Also, moving companies in Jubail advise you to learn about the country’s cuisine if you need the specific diet for your health. Learning about their traditional cuisine will help you adjust your diet to their cuisine.

Learn an official language

Another thing to do is learn an official language. That is especially important if the official language is not English. You will need to use language in everyday situations, which is why you should have a B1 or B2 level of language proficiency if your job does not require higher levels. If you are moving with your kids, they should learn the basic vocabulary to interact with other kids. If you enroll them in international courses, they will still need to learn the official language. However, you should not be worried about them since kids learn much faster than adults.

A book with pronunciation rules
Learning an official language might be hard in the beginning, but will pay off later.

Find housing before relocating overseas

The one thing you need to do before relocating overseas is to find a new home. It can be a temporary one until you find housing that suits you or your family. Finding a temporary home before you move is vital since it’s much harder to find housing after you move. House prices are high, it’s harder to find something nice fast, and you will probably need to look into many options before you choose one that suits you the best. If you have a family member or a friend in the desired country, you can ask them to live with them until you find your new home. Of course, paying half the rent is much better than the whole rent.

Do a big decluttering job

You need to pack before you move. However, local movers Saudi Arabia advises not to pack everything. You need to declutter and decide what essentials you are relocating to. You should relocate your clothes, kitchen appliances, personal things, etc. However, if you do not need that big blue sofa, you can sell it or give it away. The price of relocation is calculated by how much luggage you have. If you reduce the number of your belongings, you will pay less. Moreover, if you declutter and sell unwanted belongings, you will earn money. If you have too many things and cannot sell each thing, you can always donate them to less fortunate people.

A sofa
It is best to declutter before moving overseas.

Organize healthcare and schooling

Before you move and use relocation services Saudi Arabia, you should check out whether you will have access to free healthcare or not. For example, Canada offers private healthcare for foreigners. Other countries give free healthcare. If you have a specific condition or allergy, you should choose a doctor and provide him with your medical records. That goes for gynecologists and dentists as well.

As for schooling, if you are moving with your kids, you should enroll them in the educational system. If you want to enroll them in international courses, prepare for a big competition, since international courses are extremely popular. However, they will be able to advance and socialize better and have a chance to learn an official language. That will allow them to meet their coevals from the desired country.

Relocating overseas- conclusion

To sum it up, things you should do before relocating overseas are: learning about a specific country and its official language. You should prepare your paperwork, declutter and find a new home. Also, organize healthcare and schooling. After that, the last thing you need to do is say goodbye to your loved ones and prepare for the new life chapter. Good luck!

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