Top KSA Places To Move With Pets

Going on a trip with your pet has to be one of the best feelings ever. But moving with them is a little bit more serious, and you must plan it from the start. Apart from making them comfy during the trip and getting all of their necessities, you will have to do something way before that. Choosing a good place to move to that will be suitable for all your needs is not that hard. You just need to focus on things you love doing and make sure the place can offer you a good job and a stable future. But you also must think about your pet and its needs in the process. Even though they feel the best when they are with you, their new home must be perfect as well. Take a look at the top KSA places to move with pets!

What to focus on when looking for a place to move with your pet?

Our pets play a huge role in our lives and we often find ourselves making sure they enjoy every single minute of their life. Because of that, it is no wonder that you will be worried about moving with them to a completely different place. To avoid worrying too much all you need to do is follow a couple of steps to manage to find the perfect place for all of you. Considering you will have the support of good shipping and logistics companies you can even plan to move far from your current home. When you start coming across good candidates they must :

  • Be pet-friendly in as many ways as possible
  • Have good vet clinics
  • Have enough pet shops and ambulances in different areas
  • Offer enough green areas 
A woman hugging her dogs after moving to one of the top KSA places to move with pets.
Your pets will also need to feel safe at their new home, as it should be suitable for all their needs.

Following this list, you can easily narrow down your choices. And since Saudi Arabia is full of places that have these traits, your search may not last so long after all.

Start by checking out Dammam

Since you will be moving and changing some things in your life, why not start with some of the most popular cities in KSA? Dammam is the fifth most populous city in the country and it is often targeted to many tourists and new residents. And since it is one of the main administrative and financial centers in Saudi Arabia, it is more than suitable for pets. Before you set the date with logistics companies in Dammam, you should know what makes this city perfect for moving with your little friends. Let’s begin by saying that Dammam is huge and some of its areas are popular worldwide. Huge companies love setting their headquarters in this city including Prima and Shining Success Establishment. And where are big companies, there are also people coming from everywhere.

Nowadays, Dammam is filled with young people working in different fields including tech, finance, and tourism. Thanks to the diversity this city has, you and your pet will have countless things to see and do after moving. A lot of hotels and guest houses are pet friendly, and almost every neighborhood has a pet-friendly park or another green area. If you have a dog you will especially love Muraikabat Mountain Park, as people often take them there for daily walks.

One of the top KSA places to move with pets is Riyadh

There is no reason to skip the capital of Saudi Arabia when looking for a place to move with your pet. Riyadh is not only the capital but the main financial center of the country. It is home to 7.677 million people and it is among the favorite places for young people who are looking for freelancing jobs. With them, their pets will arrive as well, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and parrots. Because of that, you can find everything your pet needs in Riyadh. In the city center, there are multiple attractions both owners and pets will love. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Luca Land – this is a huge park for dogs with multiple bars and restaurants. You will have to buy a ticket and it costs SR50.
  • Cup And Cat Caffe – those who have cats instead will also need a nice place to spend time at. Have fun meeting other cat owners while they explore the area and have the time of their lives.
  • The Barking Lot – your dog can stay there even if you have to leave for a couple of hours. They have professional dog sitters and you can easily go to work and come pick up your pet later.
Three kittens.
During your search for the top KSA places to move with pets, pay attention to the pet amenities in the city!

Moving and sea cargo Riyadh companies can help you with your inventory and your relocation in general. Just make sure you provide all the details on time, considering you will need some paperwork for your pets as well.

Next, we move on to Jeddah

The list of top places in KSA to move with pets will also include Jeddah. This popular city is home to 3.976 million people and it is filled with tourists most of the time. Because of its location and being the port city on the Red Sea, it is often called the tourism capital of the country. The city of Jeddah offers all kinds of attractions, from worldwide famous nightclubs, parks, and restaurants to museums and excellent universities. A place like it is more than suitable for pets, and a lot of people who call it home, love exploring it with their dogs or cats. What is interesting about this city is that a lot of restaurants are pet friendly. You can have a nice dinner at a local restaurant and your dog can be by your side.

Pet-friendly locations

However, entering a restaurant or a bar with your pet is nothing if you can’t enjoy playing with them in the park. Parks in Jeddah are spacious and more than suitable for not only dogs but other pets as well. A lot of social media celebrities will come there with their cats and even rabbits and enjoy a wonderful sunny day. If you end up choosing this city, make sure you don’t skip visiting Al Amir Majid Park and Fayhaa Park. You will get to meet a lot of other pet owners there and will soon be calling it your favorite location.

A woman walking her dog.
A lot of places in KSA have amazing and spacious parks, perfect for daily walks!

Keep in mind that urban parts of Jeddah can be really busy. You must plan your relocation perfectly and include moving and warehouse Jeddah companies. With their help, you will not be stressed out because of the traffic jams and crowded streets, and your pet will feel much better as well.

One of the top places in KSA to move with pets is Yanbu

Chances are huge that if you are moving because of a new job offer you will find yourself in Yanbu. This city is one of the huge business centers and it welcomes a huge number of newcomers. The city center is filled with giant companies related to finances and tech.  A lot of them offer remote working as well. But Saudi Arabia is too beautiful and a lot of people will decide to move no matter what. Moving companies in Yanbu relocate people from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world as well. Little by little, Yanbu became a place of diversity and perfect for young people and families.

When it comes to places your pets will love, Yanbu has plenty. Your first stop should be Celebration Park, a place that is perfect for your dog to spend an hour running. And if you want to give them the adventure of a lifetime, how about going to the beach? Yanbu Beach will be perfect for you and your pet too. You can swim, play chase, and spend as much time as you like.

If you have a lot of items and your pet has a lot of its own, be smart about packing. Consider as many relocation services Saudi Arabia as possible, as moving is not the time to waste of time and money.

A woman holding her cat after moving to one of the top KSA places to move with pets.
Make sure your pets are comfortable during the relocation process!

Your pets will love Jubail

Another popular city in KSA is Jubail. You probably heard about it because it is home to one of the largest petrochemical companies SABIC, but it has some other qualities as well. Unlike many cities from above, Jubail has a somewhat slower pace. Its residents can still get plenty of fun activities, but in general, Jubail is perfect for families. And what better place to move with your pets than the nice area, that still has everything you need? Moving companies in Jubail operate in the area, and if you find it suitable, you can be there in no time.

In Jubail, you and your pets can spend time in parks and at the beach as well. Make sure not to miss Deffi Park as locals find it the most suitable for both kids and pets. And once you get tired of it, you can also Al Nakheel Beach. It has a lot of green space and when the weather is nice, there are a lot of people. The best thing about Jubail is that your pet will have countless other companionships, especially if you move to an urban suburb. Try to use shipping to Saudi Arabia to transport your items on time, if you are coming from another country. This will give you plenty of time to explore the area and find nearby parks and pet-friendly restaurants.

Things to know before moving to KSA with your pets

Considering that Saudi Arabia has strict laws when it comes to entering the country, you will need to prepare certain documents. Depending on where exactly you reside, it may take some time to issue them, so you should begin the process as soon as you decide to move. Documents you will need are:

  • Health certificate, which must be authorized by State Department Authentication Division
  • Permit from the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture
A dog in the car.
These top KSA places to move with pets all have pet-friendly restaurants and hotels!

Keep in mind that you will not be able to bring exotic and nondomestic animals to Saudi Arabia. Even some dog species like Pit Bulls and  Rottweilers are not allowed to enter the country. You will find it very useful to explore Saudi Arabia’s law before officially moving there so that you and your pets can avoid certain issues during the process. Even the professionals at moving companies in Bahrain know a lot about these issues, so they can point you to the right information for your relocation.

There is a fee you will have to pay for documents issued by KSA. It will cost you $8.75 per document and you must do it through the Enjaz website. 

If you find all of this to be too complicated, you can rely on your friends or family who already live in Saudi Arabia. They can obtain useful information on time so that you can issue the right documents as soon as possible. Those who already live in Saudi Arabia will find this process to be much easier. Moving across the country doesn’t require certificates or permits. 

The aftermath

And once everything turns out right, rely on a good moving company to help you transition. Feel free to use as many services as you like, as this will give you more time to settle in. Warehouse Saudi Arabia can hold a lot of your items, including furniture or some equipment. This way you can start setting up your home right after moving. And with the right team by your side, you can completely focus on preparing your pet for the road. Communicate with your airline company about the tickets, and what is the best way for your pet to travel to KSA.

A man at the beach with two dogs.
Your dogs will love beaches in Saudi Arabia, they are spacious and people love bringing their pets there!

Both you and your pets may need some time to blend in. Luckily these top KSA places to move with pets offer almost everything you need, and you will find it interesting to meet new people from all around the world. Make your pet feel comfy during the trip and enjoy new adventures in Saudi Arabia.

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