What are the traits of good freight forwarders?

A freight forward company is a company that makes arrangements for shipping and storage to their customers. That is the main service, but with these two services, there comes a lot more work. Such as shipping insurance, warehouse, freight consolidation, booking cargo space, preparing items for shipping, preparing import and export documents, etc. Now you can see, why it is important to find the best freight forwarders and to know the traits of good freight forwarders. The last thing you want is to damage your items or lost them. A good company will take care of your goods, and make sure they will deliver on time undamaged. You will get the best service, only if you choose the best freight forwarding company.

Air and sea transport, the traits of good freight forwarders.
There are many types of shipping your goods, after choosing a freight forwarding company, choose a way of transport.

The most important traits of good freight forwarders

To choose the best and reliable freight forwarders, you should know how to choose them and recognize the best. Also, when you pick the company, it is not the end. After that, you should make a decision about how you want to transport your goods, via air or sea freight transport. But the first step is to learn how to recognize the traits of good freight forwarders. We can help you and teach you how to know that the freight company is reliable and reputable, so you will get the best service.

Train freight. Transportation by a train
When you want to ship your goods, you should pay attention to details and small things.

A license and insurance

The most important quality of a freight forwarder is a license and insurance. You should not hire an unlicensed company, no matter how much you like them. A freight broker also needs to have a broker license. For local and international freight too. The freight broker is your connection the carriers or shipping company Saudi Arabia, warehouse, etc. A license to operate is a MUST.

A good insurance policy is also a huge quality. Accidents always happen even to experienced companies. In that case, you should have insurance to cover your damage. It is necessary, and do not skip this step. Pay attention to cargo insurance too. That also needs to be in your contact. Also, check the omissions and errors insurance because it is not the same as insurance coverage.

Logistic services

A good company should offer you different carrier options. Land, sea, and air freight too. But before you choose a transport option, ask for all details, pros, and cons of that type of transport. A company you want to hire should be thorough. Especially when it comes to safety and coverage when picking the transport logistics because they are responsible for cargo transportation. A freight forwarding company you want to hire should already have a contract with the different companies such as shipping company.


A good organization is a big trait because if the company is organized everything will go smoothly.  They handle all your documentation for transportation, if something is missing, it could be a big mistake. When you are looking for the traits of good freight forwarders, this is one of them. They must be organized, in order to provide you the best and quality service. Even if something goes wrong, they should know how to handle and fix it. In that case, there is insurance to fix the damage, but they need to do all the paperwork.

A business network

A reliable network is a big deal, especially in international shipping. Why? When you want to ship your goods, a company need to have some contact with the destination country too. When the company has a contact in various countries it is a big advantage. This way, you will have the status of your items. As many partners a company has, it is better. Connections from different logistics services companies all around the world is a big quality. So, ask your freight broker about his/her network and connections. You should have all the information, especially if you want to hire them in the long term.


A good organization and connections come with the experience. If the freight forwarder has plenty of experience it is one of the most important characteristics of a reliable company. Starting a business if hard, especially freight forwarding business. But, when it is a business that is working for years and years, it is one one the qualities.

A good reputation

You should read the reviews about freight forwarders from past clients. You can find them online, and also you can ask for referrals. If the company is reputable, it is one of the good characteristics. The feedback from past and current clients will help you choose the right company.


It does not matter how you want to transport your goods (by air, sea or road), they need to be secured and packed properly. If they are not properly packed, they can get damaged or broken, especially if they are fragile and sensitive. A good company will pack your goods, no matter what you want to ship.

Sea transport, a boat full of shipping containers.
And now you know how to choose. Hire a company with these traits, and your shipping will be safe.

Now you can hire a freight forwarding company

When you know all the traits of good freight forwarders, you know how to choose the best company. When you entrust your good to someone, you must check them. every detail is important, so pay attention. It is easy to be scammed when you do not have all the information. Your items may be damaged, or delivery will not be on time, etc. Anything can go wrong. But, with a reliable company chance to happen something wrong are minimized.

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