What are your options for shipping personal belongings overseas?

Moving is a complicated process, and especially so if you are moving overseas. Even disregarding things like searching for a new job, buying or renting a home, and getting familiar with the new location, there are still other practical things you need to take care of, such as taking all of your belongings with you. Shipping personal belongings overseas can be an arduous process, but hiring professional moving companies in Saudi Arabia can make it easier. As with most things in life, if you are not in a rush things will be simpler. A good plan and enough time will help ease you through the moving process. But even if you are strapped for time, there are options available to you. 

What Constitutes Personal Belongings?

Before you even start thinking about shipping items, you need to know what items are classified as personal belongings. It can vary from country to country, so it would be best to do diligent research. You can contact relocation services Saudi Arabia to help you get started on your research. Shipping personal belongings is a daily occurrence for them, so they can give you good tips on how to do it. In general, personal items are things that have been in your possession for six months or longer. As personal belongings are often duty-free, you will likely have no trouble getting through customs, if all of the items are in accordance with the local laws, of course. Once you know what you are transporting, there are 2 main options available to you: transport via sea freight or air freight.

Ship with containers.
Most personal belongings are shipped duty-free.

Sea Freight

Shipping items is the most common method used by many people when they move overseas. It is the cheaper option of the two and if you are transporting a lot of items, it can make a substantial difference in your budget. If you decide to transport items this way, the moving company you hire will send a container to your home. Then, it is up to you to load the container (or hire movers to do it for you). Transporting the container to port will be done by the movers, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Shipping personal belongings overseas.
When you are shipping personal belongings overseas, your moving company will move the container from you home to the port.

When you are shipping personal belongings overseas there are certain documents you need to get. The documents are mostly related to customs services, so it should not present a problem. The last in shipping is choosing whether you want your own container, or to share it with others. The first option is called a full container load, while the latter is called less than container load. If you are not moving a lot of stuff, choosing the second option makes sense. Transporting via less than container load is cheaper. If you have a lot of items, you may have to opt for the full container load.

Air Freight

If shipping personal belongings overseas is not for you, you can always choose to move via air freight. Moving via air freight can be a complicated process, so you should only hire moving companies that know how to deal with air cargo Bahrain. The main downsides of transporting items this way are the cost and weight limitations. It is more expensive than shipping and you are limited in how many items you can move. However, this option is much faster than transport via ship – if you are in a rush to move, you should consider it. Whatever option you choose, we wish you luck in your new endeavors. 

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