What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?

International shipping can be both easy and affordable. You can find a company that will provide you with the best services by the lowest price. To find out how to send your package for the best shipping rate, all you need to do is to provide your company with the size and weight of your box. And don’t forget the shipping destination. If you are new to international freight forwarding and unsure about their services the best would be to consider a few factors before booking. Do a little search and find the best and cheapest way to ship internationally.

What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?

There are so many different shipping variables and options to choose from. It’s difficult to make a comparison without locking down some of the basic parameters. But what is the cheapest way to ship internationally? Well, the answer is a luggage delivery company that offers cheap international shipping. They send suitcases, boxes, bags, and sports equipment, like bikes, skis and golf clubs all over the world. Unlike sea and air transportation, companies like this ship’s door to door, so you don’t need to worry about getting your items to and from sea or airports.

Percentage - you can do research to find the cheapest way to ship internationally.
Do research to find the cheapest way to ship internationally.

These companies usually work with courier partners. They negotiate the price and what is the best and cheapest way to ship internationally. Also, they take care of procedures and providing you with any customs paperwork you need. It’s easy to contact them whenever you need it, by phone, online chat or email.

What can you ship internationally?

Stuff that people usually ship internationally is exercise equipment, auto parts, clothing, shoes, games, and toys. Also, eBay sellers are using this cheapest way to ship internationally.  Seasonal shippers who need to send a present or gift can also keep the cost of shipping down by booking a courier online. But if you need to send large and heavy shipments like left behind luggage from hotels, airports, restaurants you can use services from your shipment company. And if you are sending sensitive package make sure to require moving insurance from your moving company.

How fast internationally shipping really is?

The final price depends on how far shipment does go. If you are shipping internationally to a neighboring country such as from the USA to Canada or some of the Express couriers will deliver the very next working day. The popular International Pickup and Drop Off options will generally ensure your items to locations around the world in just 2-5 days even to destinations such as New Zealand. Major destinations such as Europe are well networked with large transport links. You can expect quick transit times for your international delivery compared to shipping to more remote areas of the world.

You can send your package wherever you want to!

Things you should know when shipping the package internationally:

  • Make sure to know how to pack a moving box
  • Ensure there are no restrictions on the item you are sending to the delivery country
  • Do not send prohibited items such as batteries and liquids
  • Provide the tracking details to the recipient to follow the package
  • Provide a local contact number in case the courier needs to contact the recipient

Expenses of international shipment

Easy and affordable international package shipping should cover a number of destinations around the world. All you have to do now is to know how to pack and move valuable items. But, for a good price, you can find some of the cheapest international shipping from the USA no matter whether you need Express Shipping or an Economy Delivery. Companies like this usually provide the couriers with large amounts of orders, in return for lower-priced services.

The cost to send a package internationally will depend on the destination you are shipping to. Also, you should know that every company offers different relocation services. If you want a service with a slower transit time you can save more money. You can track your package to delivery and is ideal for boxes that are not urgent or time sensitive. But if you need faster shipment within 2-5 working days, it’s going to cost you more. International delivery services can be expensive, but every once in a while most of the companies offer discounts.

The expensive options

Air transport – This option is fast but it can end up being very expensive. If you go directly to an air transportation company you may have to sort out customs yourself. Or you can hire the services of a customs agent, which will add considerably to the cost and to your stress levels. You will also need to consider how are you going to get your items to and from the airport. Unless your company doesn’t offer that service.

China and Europe signs on containers
Shipping containers

See transport and container shipping – it’s not really the cheapest way to ship internationally. This involves your possessions being loaded into a large container which is then placed on cargo ships. While cheaper than air freight, sea shipment and container shipping can still cost big bucks. You will still need to make sure your items clear through customs and possibly hire a customs agent to help you, especially in destinations with complicated customs processes. The biggest problem with sea shipment and container ship are that it can take ages for your items to arrive at their destination. Plus, you need to arrange their transport to and from the ports. Depending on where you are living, your items may still need to make a considerable land journey to get from the port to your door.

You could choose to ship your items with a courier company, such as DHL, UPS, Parcelforce or FedEx. However, if you go to these companies directly you may pay more. Most importantly, your shipments will usually be cleared as commercial goods rather than as personal effects, meaning a longer transit time and additional costs.

Proper documentation

During the booking process, you will be provided with the appropriate customs declaration for the destination you are shipping the package to. It is simple to fill in and print out as in order to make our international shipping service easy to use. However, it is up to the sender to complete the documents accurately and give a detailed description of the contents in order for Customs to clear the goods without any problems. Some destinations have more complex requirements when shipping to them such as Russia or Saudi Arabia so be sure to check what can and can’t be sent.

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