What to expect after moving your business to Saudi Yanbu?

Relocating a whole business can prove to be a complicated task. Remember that it is not easy to pack and transport entire offices, let alone big warehouses with a lot of merchandise. Furthermore, relocating a business requires a ton of paperwork, namely a change of the address, adjustments to different laws when moving to another country, informing tax authorities, and so forth. The idea is to conduct a move without losing productivity and customers. You need to be organized and act efficiently. Moving companies in Yanbu stand at your disposal to help you relocate without headaches. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to prepare for the relocation, as well as to discuss what to expect after moving your business to Yanbu.

Planning your move to Yanbu

Efficient planning is the basis of every successful business decision. The same applies to moving a business.  So, what are some of the steps you should take before moving your business?

  • Inform your employees on time. If you plan on taking your employees with you, you should first sit down and discuss this decision with them as it could have a big impact on their lives.
  • Inform your clients as well. Customers are the most valuable part of any business, and for that reason, you should inform them about the impending changes.
  • Make a proper moving plan. Before you move to Yanbu, you must first organize the relocation process. Prepare an office packing plan, cancel the utility services at the old place, set deadlines, and so on.

    Picture of moving containers
    Prepare everything for your relocation to Yanbu well in advance.

Before you relocate stop for a second and reconsider your decision

Before you decide to change the address of your company, stop for a moment, and doublecheck the reasons behind the decision to move. Is the financial forecast for your country unfavorable? Is it getting increasingly more difficult to keep the business profitable? Are there other countries that offer better opportunities for your business?

  • Financial reasons to move. These would include operating costs, fixed costs, variable costs, labor market, state of the supply, and demand for your type of product or service. If you are having trouble paying the salaries or placing your products, maybe you should seek a different environment.
  • Growth opportunities. Has your business reached the maximum potential at your current location? To expand you have to move to another location. Running a business is a dynamic process and if you wish it to grow, you must adapt to an ever-changing economic climate. Given the fact that Saudi Arabia ranks as one of the world’s best economies, it certainly makes sense to move your business there. What you must do is to estimate how your business will develop in the future. Also, contact a national shipping company of Saudi Arabia to make the transition phase smoother.
  • Your best clients are there. To win new markets, you must move to another city or even abroad. If your best clients are located in a different country, and you have difficulties in communication, you should move your business somewhere closer. After all, your client’s needs should always come in the first place.

What to expect after moving your business to Yanbu in an economic sense

Like we already pointed finances are usually the most important reason behind the decision to move. So, how Yanbu fares in that sense? Well, Yanbu is a major oil shipping port and is home to three oil refineries. Additionally, Yanbu houses a plastics-production facility and several petrochemical plants. It is the second-largest port in Saudi Arabia, only Jeddah is bigger. It is also one of the oldest seaports along the Red Sea Therefore, many logistics companies operate here. For all of you who are conducting import/export activities, let’s take a look at the flow of goods in big Saudi ports like the one in Yanbu:

Picture of oil refinery
Oil refereeing and oil-based products are the basis of the Saudi economy

Export activities

Oil exports account for 78% of total export value. In other words, oil exports bring at least US$231 billion each year to the Saudi economy. That surplus is then invested heavily in the development of cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, and Dammam.

Import activities

Given the fact that Saudi Arabia is a rapidly developing country, it is not surprising that one of the main imports is the workforce. Recent data shows that at least 80% percent of the workforce in private sectors are expats. Next, Saudi Arabia imports a lot of food because it doesn’t have much arable land. Last but not least, Saudis love cars, so vehicle shipping is always a profitable activity.

What to expect after moving your business to Yanbu in a cultural sense

Moving to Arabian countries may come as a shock for people from other parts of the world. But as unique and wonderful as Saudi cities might be, the effects of globalization are in power here as well. For example, Yanbu is a predominantly multicultural city because many expats work in the oil industry here. There are many interesting authentic restaurants and international chains of coffee shops. The weather is extremely hot all year round, and the best way to relax and blow off some steam is to visit one of the local shopping malls and browse through a large variety of famous brands.

Picture of camel caravan. What to expect after moving your business in terms of weather?
If you are planning to move to Saudi Arabia, you should know that this country features a hot desert climate

What about the weather? What to expect after moving your business to Yanbu?

Just like most of Saudi Arabia, Yanbu has a hot desert climate. This means that temperatures hit 37 degrees Celsius regularly during the summer months. This might be too much for some, and therefore these should be the period to take your vacation. Don’t forget that Yanbu is becoming a major touristic destination. Yanbu is home to several renowned hotel chains, and beaches here offer a wide variety of activities like scuba diving, swimming, and relaxing on the long sandy beaches.

Now you know what to expect after moving your business to Yanbu. You just have to get organized and prepare for the move.

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