Why is it better to hire packing services than to pack yourself?

Moving is mostly about packing. Since most people tend to hire professional movers for their relocation, they are not responsible to organize transport. However, they are responsible for packing the entire household. This is not a serious problem if you are moving locally. All the items will survive the short ride. On the other hand, packing all the belongings yourself can be a problem when you are moving long-distance or even internationally. Your items should be well protected in order to reach the new address in one piece. For this reason, you have a choice, hire professional packers. Why is it better to hire packing services than to pack yourself? Let’s find out.  

Why is it better to hire packing services – packing supplies 

Let’s say you need to ship your items internationally as sea cargo from Saudi Arabia to India. You have to take all the road and weather conditions into account. Ordinary cardboard boxes might not be the best option. Carboard does not offer the necessary protection against water. Just on the contrary, it will damage your items. For this reason, it is easier to hire professional packers. They have quality packing materials. In addition to this, all the packing supplies are brand new and in perfect condition. As you might know, when you are using second-hand packing materials, they might not be in the best condition. They already went through one or more relocations, which means they probably have some scratches or dents. The quality of packing supplies is extremely important. The safety of your items depends on it, so do not compromise it.  

Why is it better to hire packing services instead of bringing your own boxes
It would be better to let packers bring their own packing supplies

Professionals are efficient  

What do movers and packers Jeddah have that most ordinary people do not? The answer is experience. There is a good reason why professionals have this title. They have worked for years and years in the moving business. Therefore, they have relevant experience. With the experience comes efficiency and speed. An average person needs twice the space and time to pack their belongings. In addition to this, they might not be able to do the proper job of packing. It is not enough to put your items in the box and call it a day. You need to know how to properly wrap all the items, fill boxes, seal the boxes, etc. Again, if you are moving long-distance or internationally, it is extremely important to pack your items properly. Only this way, your items will be safe and reach the new address in good condition.  

Why is it better to hire packing services? They are fast!

Another great advantage of hiring professionals is all the time saved when packing. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia on the short notice, you need to have everything ready by the time your movers come for the pickup. This can be quite challenging if you are working full-time, have children, pets, etc. Additionally, do not forget about moving stress. When you are short on time, you are bound to feel more anxious than usual. When you hire professional packers, all these problems mostly disappear. Professional packers know how to be efficient and fast. This means having all your items properly packed and ready to go on time. This is a huge advantage, especially for the people who are always busy. For this reason, ask your moving company whether they offer packing services. This might be a little bit expensive but it is worth it.  

person holding a phone
Packers are faster and more efficient

You are free to do whatever you want 

Moving requires a lot of paperwork. For example, if you are moving to Saudi Arabia, you have to get all the permissions and visas. You cannot enter the country without having a proper visa. For this reason, you need to contact the Saudi Arabia Embassy in your country. Then, you need to gather all the necessary documents, which in most cases include your passport, medical certificate, diploma, application form, bank details, etc. Almost every country requires a visa if you plan to live there for more than three months. Therefore, spend your time gathering the documents for your visa. In addition to this, you should visit your doctor, your pet, your kids’ school to get all the documents required for the move. Since you do not have to spend hours and hours packing all the items, you are free to finish some other tasks 

Why is it better to hire packing services – nothing is impossible for professionals 

Do you need to move your prized art collection? Maybe a piano? What about antique pieces of furniture? These pieces require special care. For this reason, it is better to hire professional packers. They know how to disassemble every piece of furniture. In addition to this, they have all the necessary tools and equipment. Your expensive pieces will be safe and well protected if professionals pack them. Packers know how to handle fragile items, extremely expensive pieces of furniture, large and heavy pieces, such as piano, etc. In addition to this, if you get insurance, packers will be held liable for every damage caused during the packing and transport if the damage occurs due to bad packaging. As mentioned, moving your items internationally is always risky. For this reason, getting packing services is a wise choice.  

person packing
Professionals packers know how to pack every type of your items

Why you should avoid packing by yourself 

You shouldn’t just be asking yourself why is it better to hire packing services. You should also ask why you shouldn’t pack by yourself. In short, here are all the reasons to avoid packing by yourself. 

  • Takes too much time 
  • Improper packing  
  • No liability 
  • Possibility of serious injuries 
  • Bad packing supplies 

In addition to this, disassembling can be quite difficult for someone who has never done it before. Just imagine all the small bolts and screws. Then, you have to assemble your furniture back together. This can be challenging as well if you do not have all the necessary tools. For this reason, hiring professional packers seems like the best option. It will be a little bit expensive but nothing you cannot afford.  

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