Why you should never pack on your own when moving overseas

First things first – you should know that international shipping services can be incredibly pricey. Usually, Four Winds Saudi Arabia either charge by weight or by volume, depending on the type of shipping you go for. Note that it’s cheaper to ship by sea than air – about 40% according to our quotes. However, you should also know that anything you ship by sea would take three months to arrive! Therefore, if you can survive without your belongings for three months, why even ship them in the first place? Plus, there’s a full list of things you should never pack on your own when moving overseas should you decide to take them with you at all.

computer is one of the things you should never pack on your own when moving overseas
Remember to back up important files so that you don’t lose any important or sentimental content from your computer when relocating.

Try to totally downsize before moving abroad

Firstly, get rid of roughly 60% of your clothes, 20% of old books, and 20% of everything else. This will be manageable with a few luggage carts, and it will be a lot cheaper than shipping! Plus, you can sell these belongings and save some money. You can also donate those items and claim a good amount of money in US tax returns. Put that money towards your upcoming move, and start your new life abroad with some extra cash. Such a great feeling, is it not?

Learn about the customs policy for new residents and never pack forbidden items on your own when moving overseas

You might assume that the first thing when downsizing is to pick up everything you own and ask what items you should never pack on your own when moving overseas? But that’s not the case. Before you start deciding on what essentials to bring on your new journey, you should check out your destination’s customs policy for new residents. Specifically, keep an eye out for Taxes and Banned and Restricted Goods. Why? Depending on the country, you will likely be liable to pay taxes on the things you relocate with you.

Every country will also have their list of items that they won’t allow you to import. Firstly, guns, which are commonly restricted and at times prohibited. Secondly, importing “indecent material” is also widely prohibited in the EU, so if you own vintage Playboys, for instance, it is a good idea to sell them before you move.

Start by making an inventory of all the things you plan to move

Start going through your home and looking at what you are going to move. People usually forget all the little knick-knacks around the house, but our packers and movers in Saudi Arabia are here to remind you. If you were looking to get rid of some stuff before moving overseas, this is where you should start.

First, create a spreadsheet that has two columns: “Item Name” and “Location”. Then, walk from room to room, and write down everything you want to pack and where it’s placed. Be sure to look inside the closets, open up drawers, and check every storage bin. For everyday things such as clothes, books, or kitchenware, it’s enough to just write down general names, like “plates” or “flatware”. However, if you’ve got something unique like an evening gown, you want to separate it.

hobby tools
If you need to keep yourself happy and entertained in your new country, don’t forget to pack your hobby materials.

The following items you should never pack on your own when moving overseas

1. Electronics

You will want to have your laptop, phone, tablet, MP3-player, and camera after you relocate abroad. Just make sure you don’t forget the detachable items. Whatsmore, add this on your spreadsheet right now! List all your chargers along with the necessary transformers and plug adaptors. But for anything bigger, you don’t want to pack those items by yourself. Some electronics and electrical devices are extremely fragile and delicate and, therefore, quite unlikely to survive your amateur packing skills. Therefore, hire professional packing companies in Saudi Arabia, because they know how to handle every type of precious items. They will also come to your house with all the necessary high-quality packing supplies.

2. Furniture

Note that it will cost a lot to ship large and heavy pieces of furniture to your new destination. The furniture may easily suffer damages during the long trip; so you should never pack furniture on your own when moving overseas. Also, old pieces may not fit into your new abode or may not suit your new style. So, if you’re moving to a furnished home, we strongly suggest you take as little furniture with you as possible. Sell whatever you can before the move or leave it with family or friends. Especially if you want to relocate a favorite item, for example, a family heirloom, a beautiful antique, a beloved chair, ask your international movers to handle it.

3. Never pack sentimental items on your own when moving overseas

Do you think of your art, family heirlooms, keepsakes, and other items with high sentimental value as irreplaceable belongings? Therefore, you will most likely want to take them to your new home abroad. Just make sure you never pack these items on your own when moving overseas. Instead, leave them in the hands of experienced and trustworthy international movers. However, since everyone has a different relationship with their personal belongings, maybe you want to oversee the packing process. Although not everyone can form personal attachments to items, while many still struggle to get rid of possessions they rarely use.

white lounge sofa
Moving furniture abroad is difficult, risky, pricy, and very impractical.

Additional tips for delicate items you should never pack on your own when moving overseas

  • Firstly, think about the value of the item as opposed to how much space it will take up. For instance, it might make more sense to replace them than to have them take up valuable luggage space.
  • Secondly, you should store keepsakes with family or close friends if achievable. Move things like an heirloom jewelry box or your wedding album, in your carry-on bags. You can never know for sure with checked luggage.
  • It’s much more cost-effective to relocate your clothes with you than to buy a new wardrobe. However, if your items are high-end or designer, it is better to donate than try to sell.

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