How to prepare your car for shipping?

Professionals movers can help you transport your items without difficulty. However, that will leave you with the option to drive your vehicle to your new home or transport your car using a professional relocation company in Saudi Arabia. If you decide to let movers transport your vehicle, consider that you may need to prepare your car for shipping. Use our tips to handle this task with ease.

In case you are organizing an international relocation, you will have numerous moving tasks to deal with. You will need to organize the best way you can to prepare for your relocation. Meanwhile, your search for the best quality relocation services Saudi Arabia you will consider the best way to transport all of your home belongings. Depending on the distance of your relocation, you may also consider transporting your belongings by your own vehicle. On the other hand, if you are moving long distance, that may not be the case.

Consult quality movers before you prepare your car for shipping

When moving to a long distance location, you will need a moving company with years of experience and quality services. Moving companies like Four Winds Saudi Arabia that offer multiple relocation services may be your first choice because they can organize your entire relocation without complications.

Quality moving companies will help you prepare your vehicle for transport.

If you are looking for a moving company you can trust to prepare your car for shipping, you should consider companies that specialize in vehicle relocation. Those companies usually know all the import and export laws, and they can help you prepare properly for this task. Reliable moving companies usually have great online reviews and the best company ratings. Researching the internet will help you find the best moving company for vehicle transport.

Keep in mind that vehicle relocation requires a lot of preparation and paperwork. That is why you should consult your moving company before you ship your car to the USA. Companies that specialize in auto transport are there to help you transport and ship your vehicle without difficulty. However, you should consult your movers about car transport at least a few weeks before your actual moving date.

Prepare your car for shipping like a pro!

To prepare your car for shipping, you have to make sure your car is working properly. That is why you should visit a mechanic and let him check your vehicle in detail. Professional moving companies that specialize in vehicle relocation can transport your car even if it is not completely functional. However, it is best to check your car before shipping. Keep in mind that movers usually need to move cars while in transport. For this reason, make sure your mechanic inspects everything:

  • Leaks – oil, gas, water, etc.
  • Breaks, lights
  • The battery
  • Engine etc.

It is important your car is functioning, and you know how to prepare it for shipping. Make sure to empty your car of any personal belongings like your child’s toys, your coffee mug or the papers you keep at the glove compartment. After your car is free of any personal items, make sure to secure any loose parts. This is important because your car may be carried in special carriers and loose parts may detach and cause some type of damage.

Wash your car

It is also important you wash your car before your movers come to pick it up. Wash your car and clean it thoroughly. After you do, make sure to check all the surfaces for any scratches and dents. In case there are any, make sure to take photos of your vehicle. Keeping a record is crucial for insurance purposes. On the other hand, while your vehicle is in transport accidents may happen. Your car may be scratched or dented. That is why reliable moving companies usually need pictures as proof of your car existing condition. In case of any damage, the insurance company will cover the cost of repairs after your vehicle is transported to your new location.

washing car
It is important your car is clean before transport so you can check it in detail.

Disable the alarm

Truck drivers may have trouble concentrating if your car alarm goes off during transport. As they may drive multiple vehicles to your new location, car alarms may go off at the same time. So, it is important you don’t forget disabling the alarm system in your car. If that is not completely possible, you should consider providing a moving company with your vehicles alarm remote and the keys. If the driver has your remote, he will shut the alarm off with ease.

Don’t leave the gas tank full

Professional movers will advise that you empty your fuel thank when you prepare your car for shipping. Your car should have a quarter of the tank full during transport. This way, your movers will work more efficiently because your car will be lighter and easier to manage while in transport.

Provide paperwork and the keys

When the moving company truck arrives to pick up your vehicle, make sure to double check if your car is completely empty of any personal belongings. And after movers load your car onto the moving truck, make sure to lock it. This way you will reduce the risk of theft during transport. On the other hand, it is important you provide the second set of keys to a moving company specialist. After you do, the process is complete. However, there will be a lot of paperwork for you to sign.

Make sure to double check everything before signing the moving contract.

A moving company that specializes in vehicle transport will help you prepare your car for shipping and help you gather all the documentation you may need. However, even on the day of your move, you will need to read the moving contract carefully and all the insurance paperwork your movers provide before you sign.

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