Car Shipping Documents Explained

International relocation always seems scary. You have to pass a big distance, and you will find yourself in an unknown environment. But until the point when that happens, you will have a million things to do. If you have a vehicle, the most logical and headache-free decision would be to just sell your vehicle and get a new one after relocation. This way you will only have to think about your move with some moving companies in Saudi Arabia. But some people just really love their car and don’t want to let go of it that easily. That’s why car shipping is a thing. In our guide, we will have car shipping documents explained, to make the process less confusing.

What are the documents needed for car shipping?

Moving with some moving companies in Jubail won’t have you worry about the move itself, but the fact that you need to ship your car might have you worry. There are many documents that you need to get for an international relocation, and car shipping documents are just an addition to that. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Insurance terms
  • Bill of lading
  • Registration and title
  • Proof of insurance
  • Absent owner authorization

Some of these documents are always a must. Some are a company’s preference, while others are rarely needed. You could investigate what your shipping company prefers, and what the laws of the country you are moving to require. But if you want to play it safe, you should get all of them. Now we will have all these car shipping documents explained.

Woman reading a car shipping documents explained
Car shipping can be confusing

Insurance terms

While you might have insurance for your car, that’s not what you need when you are thinking about shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price. But the company that transports your car needs to worry about this. Always check this before signing the contract, since it is a must.

Bill of lading is the most important car shipping document explained

This is the most important document of all of the documents. The auto transport bill is proof of delivery and it shows the state of your car when it got picked up and delivered. A bill of lading is the only way that you can have your insurance company pay for any damage that might happen during transport. All this usually has to be done before your car passes through customs clearance Saudi Arabia. That’s why it is always important to document the exact state of your car before pickup.

Registration and title

The registration of your car shows that it has all the documents required by the laws of your home country, while the title shows the ownership. Most companies don’t require this, but it never hurt to have it just in case.

Insurance proof

This is another document that is rarely needed for shipping your car. But you might need it when getting new insurance in your new country.

Absent owner authorization

In case you won’t be there to pick up your car upon arrival, you will need this document. In other cases, this document is never needed.

Person giving authorization
This document is only rarely needed

Conclusion on car shipping documents explained

We hope that our car shipping documents explained article has made at least one part of your upcoming relocation clearer. Long-distance house hunting might only be one of the many questions running around your mind right now. Try to stay as relaxed as possible, think positively and you will succeed. Good luck!

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