3 International piano moving tips

Moving overseas is both physically and emotionally draining. Packing and relocating your belongings internationally has special conditions. If you intend to take your piano with you when you move abroad, there are certain steps you should follow. The most important thing is to choose a reliable mover, such as the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia. With a good mover on your team, it will be much easier to implement our international piano moving tips for your move. Pianos require special care and handling even for a short-distance move. That is why moving such valuable and easily damaged items abroad fears most people. Don’t worry, with our tips, your piano will arrive at your new destination as good as new.

3 International piano moving tips to know before you relocate

If moving day is coming close and you still haven’t figured out what to do with your piano, our tips might help you protect your instrument when you ship it to your new location. Hiring professional movers to handle your relocation is a good idea. International movers in Riyadh will take good care of all your belongings.

piano is complicated to move which is why you need international piano moving tips
Check out our international piano moving tips and be ready for your move abroad.

If you are not getting a full moving service, then consider the following:

  • get insurance for your piano and other valuable items
  • hire professional packers
  • learn how to protect your piano properly if you are packing on your own

Tip #1 – Get insurance for your piano

Whatever you do, and wherever you are moving, don’t skip insuring your precious piano. If you are shipping your musical instrument via transport companies in Riyadh, chances are it will arrive safely at your new location. But, it is always a smart idea to have anything valuable insured in case of any damage. We all know how expensive pianos are, so it is safe to say that it pays off to have insurance when you ship them overseas.

Tip #2 – Hire professionals to handle your instrument for the move

If you don’t want professional moving services for your international relocation, consider at least getting packing experts to handle your piano. Professional packers go through extensive training to be able to provide the best protection for various kinds of objects, including large and bulky pianos. Logistic services international moves require are more complex than those of a local move. That is why you want your belongings properly packed and protected. It is an investment well worth your money, considering the prices of pianos.

Tip #3 Protect the piano properly if you are packing it on your own

If you are adamant about packing your piano yourself, do thorough research on how to do it properly. Moving pianos is difficult with no help. Use enough blankets to protect the wooden surfaces of the instrument, and get enough moving supplies to wrap it properly. Avoid using stairs at all costs and use a furniture dolly to transport the piano from one point to another.

If you want to pack your piano by yourself, make sure to protect it properly.

We hope that these international piano moving tips will come in handy for your move overseas. Remember that, when it comes to large and expensive musical instruments such as pianos, it is best to let the professionals handle them. Good luck with your relocation!

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