3 rules for women drivers in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to moving, there are certainly some things that will make it easier for everyone. Getting the best moving company, like Four Winds KSA is a great idea, but driving will make it much easier as well. So, we should inform on driving rules in Saudi Arabia that are important for drivers. Making sure that you are aware of punishments and regulations in Saudi Arabia will help you drive in the right way. Informing on rules for women drivers in Saudi Arabia is not hard since women are allowed to drive now.

Why is it important to know all about the rules for women drivers in Saudi Arabia?

If you are hiring local movers in Jeddah, you will have to know all about living and customs in this amazing part of the world. So, all you have to do is get all the important information. You will be able to act accordingly right away.

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Women drivers have the same rights as male ones in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to the women drivers in Saudi Arabia, they are allowed to drive since the 26th of September 2017, when King Salman decided to make it possible for them. This is a great and a huge step forward for making life for women in Saudi Arabia much easier and more exciting than before.

Here are the most important rules for women drivers in Saudi Arabia

Getting to know about these rules will help you have a better life quality in this amazing place!

Driving under the influence is not tolerated

If you get coughed on the road by the influence of alcohol or any other substance, you will face huge consequences. Saudi Arabia has a zero-tolerance policy on this matter. You will get jail time. Also, you will likely get deported and a penalty is ranging from SR5000 to SR10,000 plus points. Make sure you don’t get yourself in this kind of situation.

Distracted driving

One of the 3 rules for women drivers in Saudi Arabia, but for men as well is that you can’t drive and be distracted by your mobile phone at the same time. The penalty is fine of between SR500 and SR900, plus, you get two points added to your driver’s license.

a phone
Make sure that you don’t look at your phone while driving

Driving without a license

This is another thing you don’t want to play with. Making sure that you have your license on you while driving is really important. Because you’ll get a fine if you don’t. How big is the fine is determined by a simple fact: did you just forget your license at home or you have suspended altogether?

Moving to Saudi Arabia will be an amazing experience for you. But knowing all the rules and regulations will make it much easier for you to get around. That is why learning the rules for women drivers in Saudi Arabia is so important. It will give you an advantage since you will know what to focus on while driving.

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