5 Rules for Shipping Internationally

Shipping goods internationally can be confusing and complicated at times. But if you want to do it right, there are several rules you must follow if you want to secure your shipment. No matter if you are shipping a single item or an entire container, rules apply in the same way. So, before you start working with logistics companies in Saudi Arabia, let us tell you more about the basic and most important rules for shipping internationally. Let’s dive right in and make sure your shipment is safe.

Choose the reliable shipping provider

The first among the rules for shipping internationally is finding a reliable shipping company. If you have such a company, all legalities, budgeting, prices, packing, storage, and shipping will be comprehensive and transparent. More importantly, successful. So, check online and find one of the appropriate shipping and logistics teams. There are warehousing companies, shipping companies, freight forwarders, and customs clearing agents in Bahrain. And most of them are working together in a huge network of associates and 3rd party vendors. Simply call them or contact them online and ask all the questions you want. A professional and highly reputable company will provide knowledge, assistance, and affordable pricing. Find one and set your mind at ease.

freight forwarding company
Having a reliable shipping company by your side is crucial for successful international shipments.

At least know the local importing and exporting laws

Now, even if you let your shipping company cover all shipping steps, you still must know how it works and what are the laws in your country. Your shipper is responsible for shipping out of the country of origin, but they can overlook or simply disclose possible complications regarding the laws of the country they are shipping to. To put it mildly, some items are prohibited or need special handling, papers, or extra fees. You must read about it before you attempt shipping something from one side to the other. And again, if you find a reliable custom clearance and freight forwarding company, you shouldn’t have this problem. Professional companies usually cover all stages of the shipping and importing process. But it would be wise for you to know them as well.

There are strict labeling rules for shipping internationally that you must know about

The rules for shipping internationally regarding labeling are straightforward. You can’t label your package the way you want. You are not shipping a package from one town to the other but across the globe. This requires a detailed label to be printed and placed in a visible location on the package. The label must contain all relevant tracking numbers, and customer numbers, as well as all info about the company, shipper, and receiver. You can’t simply label the package as “a gift for my mom” even if it would be the easiest thing to do.

there are labeling rules for shipping internationally
There are strict packing and labeling laws you must follow when shipping internationally.

Moreover, any customized labeling is strictly prohibited and illegal. So, avoid having a package stuck in customs for weeks just because you labeled it wrong. Luckily, all the labeling is done by the company and even if you labeled it wrongly, they would correct it. That is of course if you hired a competent company to do the shipping. So, make sure you do.

What the tax coverage rules for shipping internationally are?

Tax coverage varies significantly from country to country. Find all the info related to import taxes on your country’s customs department website or give them a call if it is easier for you. Give them all the info about the nature of the shipment and they will advise if there are complications and all the costs related to the shipment. You can check this with shipping and logistics companies as well, but it is better to double-check. Especially if your shipment is going across the world and through several different customs.

The payment method

Yes, you will use a credit card to process the payment but what currency you are using matters a lot. You can overpay if you use any other currency than the US dollar. Simply because in the shipping industry it is considered a universal currency. Although, your payment method and currency are tied to the country, in which your bank is located. If shipping to the US, pay with US dollars. If you are shipping across the EU, use EURO. Simple as that. Any other form of exchange can lead to unnecessary fees because you will be converting money through several currencies and lose a lot in the process. Therefore, check with your bank and the shipping company if you have any doubts about this subject.

Now you know the main rules for shipping internationally. Protect your shipment by learning the importing and exporting laws and regulations. You will feel much more comfortable if you know what you are dealing with. Good luck!

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