Air Cargo vs Air Freight: What Are The Main Differences

When defining the winner in the air cargo vs air freight battle, we need to explain both services in detail. For many clients, both are the same, and both refer to the transport of goods by air. Since clients use both of these options for long-distance shipping, they are similar. Yet, their differences are significant and could affect the method companies choose for their trade needs. When a professional company like Four Winds Saudi Arabia organizes one of these two air transportations, they will prepare you accordingly.

Air cargo vs air freight – meaning and differences

Understanding the differences between air cargo and air freight is crucial before choosing one of those services. Air cargo typically refers to goods that you transport by plane or ship. On the other hand, air freight has a broader meaning and presumes a combination of transportation via road, ocean, rail, and air.

Cargo port.
There are significant differences between air cargo vs air freight!


Companies are in a dilemma between air cargo vs air freight when time is of the essence. Air shipping is time-sensitive, and you can send the shipment whenever you want to any part of the planet in a short time. Freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia will ship your package much faster than any sea freight company will do. It is one of the best methods to send the package long distance, for the shortest time possible.

Benefits of using air freight services

One of the most common concerns clients have in this case is the cost of this service. Once you learn all the benefits of hiring freight forwarders in Bahrain, you will gladly use their services. Air freight is only sometimes cost-effective, but you should consider using them despite the price.

  • In the air cargo vs air freight dilemma, the goal is to find the most effective and fast method;
  • When choosing among the cargo transportation Saudi Arabia offers, you should consider if they’re able to reach any country worldwide;
  • This method avoids long and complicated packaging as opposed to any other way.

What influences your shipment choice?

Companies use many factors in this process and consider them whatever the distance of your shipment is. One of the crucial parts of any decision-making process when choosing the proper load is weighing.

Size and weight

Most professional air cargo Bahrain companies know that a more extensive package presumes higher shipping costs. However, companies consider cargo size and weight when choosing the most practical shipping method and vehicle. They also consider environmental and political factors that can increase the price. The company will find the most efficient transport method if you want to ship small packages. More considerable weight demands a more professional company with experience and equipment.

An airplane flying.
Companies use different methods for shipping.

Package type

Air cargo has one of the most significant advantages regarding package type. It presumes using the most professional packing method, which is inexpensive. Companies also use it for packing explosives, dangerous gasses, and medicine, so you can be sure your hazardous materials will not cause damage when shipping. In this case, you should not think about the time of shipping, but more about the safety and professionality. It is a moment when cargo shipping wins in the air cargo vs air freight battle.

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