An outlook on global port operations in 2021

Ports are a gateway to a country and its economy. Not only coastal countries are dependent on ports. Even the countries that do not boast a coastline depend on maritime trade and traffic. This way they obtain a large number of goods and services. After the infamous 2020 that changed the way the global economy operates, there have been some improvements in 2021. Learn about global port operations in 2021 with the assistance of Saudi Arabia’s top moving and logistics company Four Winds Saudi Arabia.

Key points on global port operations in 2021

Some recent developments have had a good impact on the global economy. Others, however, caused havoc worldwide. Here are some of the major port operation highlights:

  • e-commerce demand and online ordering continue to boost the economy
  • the Suez blockage
  • container shortage
The Suez Canal
The Suez blockage affected the economy and maritime activities of 2021

Continuing e-commerce demand

The trend of massive online ordering from 2020 overflows in 2021.  It directs a large number of goods via containers from China to North America and Europe. This will consequently result in a significant rise in imports. It also has a positive effect on the global economy. It is however not certain if the consumers will revert to the habits they had prior to the pandemic.

The 2020 Covid crisis has not spared any area of business. However, the port operations market expects a rise at a significant rate to take place between 2021 and 2016.

The Suez Blockage

The 6-day blockage that Ever Given caused affected many cargo ships worldwide. Around 450 vessels were stuck around it, and many other ships around the world had to change their route. This resulted in massive delays in shipments and an increase in port congestions. Even before this blockage, ports were understaffed due to Covid and were continuously dealing with congestions.

But the crisis has not affected every aspect of port operations. With Saudi Arabia’s top logistic company, customs clearance and freight forwarding continue to flow uninterruptedly. All port operations regarding bureaucracy and freight will be taken care of on behalf of a customer without a glitch.

Container shortage

Congestion of ports caused the delay of many ships around the globe. Therefore ships leave their empty containers behind so as not to wait for days to load them again. The majority of containers are thus piled up at cargo ports and dry depots. This situation has a bad impact on the supply chain and the global economy. In spite of this, shipping to Saudi Arabia can be seamless with the right company.

a container ship in a port
Choose the top company for moving or shipping of goods


Global port operations in 2021 are expected to normalize and revert to a pre-pandemic state by 2023. Although it is not possible to predict the future, the ports maintain to invest in development to cater to the demands of ever-changing technology and industry. In these kinds of circumstances, it is vital to choose a good company. If you are planning to move or ship goods, get a free estimate with the best Saudi movers.

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