Animal transport to Saudi Arabia: rules & regulations

If you cannot leave your pet when moving, you should get know how animal transport to Saudi Arabia looks like. Although the easiest way to inform yourself is in the embassy, there are so many regulations that are hard for understanding. The very first advice that we should provide you is to start to plan up front. It means at least two months before traveling. There are many reasons for that.

  • You should know which documents you will need for animal transport to Saudi Arabia;
  • Pets usually should have a passport and other documents for travel;
  • Your vet should provide you the necessary certificates that your pet is capable of traveling;
  • Every owner should know that pets cannot move abroad without confirmation that they got all vaccines;
  • Before moving you should also know which animals can to Saudi Arabia.

All of these regulations are well known for people that work on airports and embassies. Along with that, animal transport to Saudi Arabia presumes preparation for international relocation. The best advice could give your vet.

A cat is on the list that could be included in animal transport to Saudi Arabia
You can easily transport your cat to Saudi Arabia, too

Documentation that you will need for animal transport to Saudi Arabia

Although documents for animal transport are pretty much the same for every country, you should inform yourself about it before moving. Some of them presume passports and certificates from your vet. Other ones are proof of the ownership of the pet.

Find out if your pet can move to Saudi Arabia

The only animals you can transport to this country are dogs and cats. You can take with you turtles, parrots, and rodents but only with a special certificate. Even some dog breeds are not allowed. Those are mostly big dogs and those known to aggressiveness. They also allow only two pets per ownership.

Your pet must have a microchip

Although pet owners presume that their pets should have a chip, it is not common in every situation. For that reason, Saudi Arabia demands to have the microchip in every circumstance. It could contain information about you and your pet.


Animal transport to Saudi Arabia includes having documents for your pet. It means that a pet should have a passport. Since it includes information about health, but also the age and personal characteristics of your pet, it is crucial for legitimization. It also contains a photo of your pet. Also, the passport includes information if your dog is guard or guide dog.

Your company information

Maybe it doesn’t look important, but you cannot transport the pet to Saudi Arabia without some explanations. Those include information about the company where you work or own. That information should prove that you will be able to care about your pet.

SA certificate

You surely can prepare the needed documentation before moving to Saudi Arabia. However, among those is one of the most important documents. It is a certificate that Saudi Arabia provides to future visitors. It is not a visa but includes information about you and your pet. You can easily get it in the embassy.


A cat
Prepare all certificates for traveling to Saudi Arabia

Your pet’s health is also important when moving abroad

Predicting your pet’s health is not always easy. Nobody knows how your pet will behave in another climate or weather conditions in a particular country. For animal transport to Saudi Arabia, it is not vital that much. However, you should know if your pet got vaccines or have chronic diseases. That information should know your vet.


It is great if you have chosen Saudi Arabia for your future place of living. It should not be hard to move there. You should easily come to Saudi Arabia by international movers Jeddah. Animal transport to Saudi Arabia is not that simple, though. You should know that there are certificates that your veterinarian could provide you before traveling. The most important is the International Certificate for Good Health that your pet should have before moving abroad to any country in the world.

Rabies titer test

Every animal owner worries about rabies, and that is not by accident. An animal with rabies inevitably dies, and humans could have it, too. Thankfully, some vaccines prevent this disease, as well as tests that show if your pet has it. Your pet does not need to have a rabies test before animal transport to Saudi Arabia. However, it is important to have proof that it got the vaccine. Rabies is a severe and dangerous disease, so do not avoid this obligation.


Along with rabies, there are many other diseases that your pet can have. You should have proof that it had those vaccines before moving abroad. Most of them are allowed within 30 days before traveling. If you are not sure in vaccines that your pet has, you should ask your veterinarian. There is a list of obligated vaccines for moving abroad.

Traveling with the pet

You will go on a long trip with your pet. Animal transport to Saudi Arabia is not particularly defined, so you will mostly be forced to travel by plane. It presumes special conditions and preparations for your pet. Before this trip check how your pet behaves in a small space or the box, just in case.


Although you have all the documents above, you cannot merely come to Saudi Arabia. You should have import permit for your pet. It is a document that you can ask 14 days before moving. Basically, you should send an e-mail to the airport chief and ask for this permit. Speaking about the letters, you should inform the customs or director of the airport in Saudi Arabia before traveling. They will inform you if you need anything else for animal transport to Saudi Arabia.

A dog wrapped in blanket
Prepare your pet for long traveling, too

Traveling by plane

There are only three airports in Saudi Arabia that accept animal transport. Those are Riyadh, Jeddah, and DammamLocal movers Riyadh surely have information that you will need so they will provide you advice on how to organize that. Besides this airport, Jeddah and Dammam could also accept pets. It is imperative to follow their instructions since that is the only place that allows animal transport to Saudi Arabia through.

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