Animal transport to Saudi Arabia: Rules & Regulations

Are you moving to Saudi Arabia? What are some of the things that you know you are taking with you? When you think about, the most important ones are the things you cannot really live without. It’s not your clothes, or your laptop, or your favorite books. If moving alone, then probably one of your priorities would be to take your pet with you. Cats and dogs are an important part of our lives, and many consider them a part of our families. This is why Four Winds Saudi Arabia often work with clients in order to ensure animal transport to Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will talk about how to move to the Kingdom with your friends. We will also take a look at the documents and things you need to do prior to this move.

Moving to Saudi Arabia can be a hectic period

Let’s face it – moving is always tough. It doesn’t really matter if you are packing your bags to relocate to another part of the town or cross half the planet to reach your new country. There will always be some bumps on the road. Now, imagine just how stressful this experience is for your furry friend. They will not realize what is happening around them. They just see that their human is anxious, and from time to time – things keep disappearing into boxes.

A pug in a blanket.
Moving can be stressful for your pets.

This is why it’s important to get professional relocation services in Saudi Arabia to help you with the move. While they focus on packing or helping you through the paperwork, you can pay attention to your pet and prepare it for the move. That process might take a while since Saudi Arabia is not the friendliest country when it comes to pets. However, if you follow all the rules and regulations regarding animal transport to Saudi Arabia, you will be good to go! The first step is to read up about them – and you are already halfway there!

Why is it difficult for animal transport to Saudi Arabia?

But what makes Saudi Arabia difficult for your pets? Well, just until recently, people in the Kingdom looked at dogs as animals used for work or for protection. There weren’t many pets running around. What’s more, if a dog is entering the country, it needs to be claimed as a guard dog. It doesn’t really matter how big or small your puppy is – they are there for your protection. Another thing that you need to take yourself is a letter from your vet. In it, the vet needs to clarify that the pet is disease-free. When it comes to cats, the situation is a bit easier – you can bring them as a household pet.

What documents do you need for animal transport to Saudi Arabia?

So, before you start planning your move, you need to learn about the paperwork you need in order to bring your pet across the borders. These are usually the expected things you need to have on you when traveling with a pet, although some might surprise you.

A cat.
Get all the documents your cat will need.

First, your pet needs a microchip. There is simply no other way to identify a pet in Saudi Arabia, and this will serve as their ID. When getting a chip for your pet, it needs to comply with the ISO Standard 11784. You also need to get it before giving your pet the rabies shot. When it comes to the vaccine itself, any and all pets entering Saudi Arabia need to have an original rabies certificate, with the vet’s signature on it. The vaccine, however, needs to be no more than six months old – and you need to give it at least thirty days before animal transport to Saudi Arabia.

Do I need any extra things for my dogs?

As we mentioned before, animal transport to Saudi Arabia might be harder for dogs than it is for cats. There are vaccinations that the government highly recommends for your puppies. These include hepatitis, distemper, bordetella as well as DHLPP. When it comes to the cats, only FVRCP is recommended. You need to get them at least two weeks before you move your pet, so the medication can reach its peak effect.

A person petting their dog after animal transport to Saudi Arabia.
It will be harder to transport your dog than your cat.

Again, dogs will also need some additional documents when it comes to their service and purpose in Saudi Arabia. You need to claim them as working dogs, and their purpose needs to be written down in the vet’s certificate. Also, you will need special permission from the embassy or the consulate (depending on your country) of Saudi Arabia before you begin the animal transport.

You will also need to get an APHIS form. Your vet will issue this in the ten days before you depart for Saudi Arabia, and they serve as international health certificates. You need APHIS before you ask for the endorsement from the embassy or consulate, as well as the USDA (or the similar government body in your country).


To conclude, animal transport to Saudi Arabia will not be easy. There are a lot of things you will need to think about. Starting from your pet’s mental health and stress levels, through the necessary paperwork they need to travel to Saudi Arabia. This process will also take some time, so it’s better to start preparing for it a month or two before the move. Of course, contacting professional movers and customs brokers in Saudi Arabia will be beneficial to the process. They will probably know the best way to help you – and all the steps you need to do for your friend to safely move to your new home.

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