Benefits of moving to Jeddah

Modern technologies and cheap airline tickets prompted people to travel more than ever. Also, more and more people opt to switch countries as fast internet technologies offset the possibility of remote working. One of the countries that attract many new residents each year is Saudi Arabia. Sunny skies, warm weather, mesmerizing beaches, and breathtaking skyscrapers. Welcome to Jeddah, the economic and financial powerhouse of Saudi Arabia. It is also the country’s second-largest city after capital Riyadh. Aside from being a tourist hub, Jeddah is also one of the leading cities in terms of finance, entertainment, media, and international trade. Logistics services international presents an excellent choice for everyone interested in conducting business activities in Jeddah. Stay with us if you are wondering what are the benefits of moving to Jeddah as well as what this city has to offer.

Economic benefits of moving to Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is a rich country. Starting with 2018 Saudi Arabia is the strongest economy in the Middle East and 18th largest in the world. This is mainly due to exports of mineral fuels including oil. Oil exports make up to 78% of total export value. In other words, oil exports equal to US$231 billion annually. That revenue is then invested in the development of cities, roads, and other important infrastructure.

Picture of growth chart. There are many financial benefits of moving to Jeddah
Some of the benefits of moving to Jeddah include many great business opportunities

On the other hand, Jeddah is focusing its capital investments in the fields of science and engineering. Jeddah is also a port city which means that many freight forwarding companies operate here. Jeddah Islamic Port, located on the Red Sea, is the second-largest and second-busiest seaport in the Arab world. This is the reason why many expats decide to move to Saudi Arabia. Additionally, they are drawn here because there is no income tax which means that saving money is a lot easier.

Cultural aspects of Jeddah

Moving to any city of the Arabian will come as a shock for westerners. However, Jeddah is quite different when compared to the rest of the country. Due to its location, Jeddah culture was mostly shaped by the Red Sea. Fishing was the main industry here for centuries and seafood dominates the local diet. Also, the city’s motto is “Jeddah Gair” which translates to “Jeddah is different”. The city is renowned for being the most “open” city towards foreigners and tourists. So, what are some of the main aspects of the local culture?

  • Saudis love tasty food. If you wish to treat yourself to a nice dinner, we advise you to try meat specialties like shawarma, kabsa, or saleeg in some of the best restaurants in Jeddah.
  • Arabian sweets deliver a sugary punch. Some of the most famous traditional sweets are Ma’amoul cookies, baklava, basbousa, and sutlac rice pudding. Consume these sweets with black tea or coffee.
  • Locals are very passionate about soccer and shisha. One of the most common scenarios to spot in local bars are males who are sitting and smoking shisha with their attention completely occupied with a soccer match.

    Picture of Saudi Arabia map
    Jeddah is just one of many great cities in Saudi Arabia

Warm weather could be one of the benefits of moving to Jeddah

Jeddah features an arid climate with long hot summers and very short and mild winters. Unlike Riyadh, the city of Jeddah retains milder temperatures during winter months due to its proximity to the Red Sea. Furthermore, Jeddah is famous for many sunny days all year round which certainly improves mood. However, you should be careful as up to three or even four months temperatures can be so high that it is considered dangerous to go outside. But don’t worry air-condition and other cooling systems are installed in every building and they will help you cope with extreme heatwaves.

One of the most popular strategies amongst expats is to use these months to go home and visit their families and wait until cooler weather returns. When that happens, you can go outside and enjoy many pools and spas. If you like what you are reading, movers and packers Jeddah are ready to help you organize the relocation and transfer your belongings safely.

Lifestyle benefits of moving to Jeddah

The main factor behind people’s decision to relocate to Saudi Arabia is the laid-back lifestyle and handsome salaries. Saudis are famous for high and luxury lifestyle but foreigners are also living quite decently in Jeddah. Shopping Malls are very popular here, and you can find all the top brands here while exploring shops in air-conditioned modern buildings. Aside from extensive shopping options, Saudi Arabia is also a great base for international traveling. Jeddah is only a few hours away from some of the busiest international airports like the one in Dubai, Doha, or Riyadh. Furthermore, Saudis are famous for their traditional hospitality and are welcoming towards foreigners.

Picture of a camel caravan
Saudi Arabia is notorious for extremely warm weather

What is the best way to move to Jeddah?

Now when we have covered some of the more important aspects of life in Arabian culture and landscape, we should talk about the actual relocation. How to do it the best way? Considering the length of the trip this will be a long-distance international relocation for most westerners coming here. But how to be sure that you have chosen the right moving company? Well, you must pay attention to several important factors:

  • Company’s website. Is there enough information about the company? Do they possess all the necessary licenses and certificates to offer their services?
  • Read the comments section. What other customers say about that particular company? This an important insight into how the company treats its customers.
  • Do they offer a wide array of different moving services? The fact that the company offers many different services means that they have experience and that they are capable of tackling various moving-related tasks.

As you can see some of the main benefits of moving to Jeddah are job opportunities, authentic culture, and warm weather. Your decision will be ultimately based on your personal needs and preferences, but we hope this article will help you in your quest.

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