Best tips for organizing a successful household move

Moving can be a lot of hard work – and organizing a successful household move in particular. It is not just about moving the heavy stuff from destination A to destination B. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when going through this process and we will try to help you in any way we can.

Where to start when organizing a successful household move?

Lists are something that can help you keep in mind what is first and what is second. It takes some time to write to them, but they will help you remember everything you can forget when in the middle of the moving rush. Let us start with some basic lists and what to put on them.

Notes-organizing a successful household move
Lists and notes are a great beginning for organizing a successful household move!
  1. A list of all the things you may want to leave behind. It would be nice not to throw them away. Surely you can find someone who would gladly take them. If not, you can always sell or donate them to someone who needs them.
  2. A list of all the big stuff that needs to be moved and the exact time and date of the transfer.
  3. You can make different lists for different rooms. For example, a bathroom list or a kitchen list.
  4. This might even be the most important one. It would be wise to make yourself a list of documents, papers, and contacts you need during the move. You wouldn’t want to forget or lose those.

If you are, in fact, not a fan of any list-making or organizing, especially when it comes to the more complicated stuff, you can always hire someone to do all of the logistics for you. A very organized and experienced company that will do all your logistics Saudi Arabia for you.

Clean, move, clean!

We understand that cleaning the house you’re moving out of doesn’t sound too logical… Wait, there is a ”but”… But! This is actually one of the best steps you can take to make the packing and moving easier for yourself. First of all, a clean house is much easier to pack. The reason is simple, the stuff you will be unpacking is in the same clean condition you packed it in. No dust involved and that also means less germs and bacteria. This also goes for clothes. You might want to wash, iron and fold all of your clothes. This way, when you unpack them from the bags or boxes you packed them in, you can just put them back on the hangers and shelves without any additional worry. You will be thankful for this advice when you start to unpack and realize how irritating it is to unpack dirty, dusty things and clothes and then have another chore to do! Still, you will have to clean your new home, but at least your belongings will be all clean and ready for arranging!

Clean clothes
Clean belongings are easier to pack.

Packing the small and fragile belongings

Since you can’t escape the packing process fully, you might want to make it easier on yourself. When packing small decorations or any fragile belongings, you want to protect them as much as possible. We suggest that you take special boxes that are made of a harder material and are practical to seal as the first step. You will, also, probably like to mark those boxes somehow so you know that those particular boxes hold the small and fragile things. Be extra careful with those. When packing them in the boxes, you can always find old newspaper and fold them in it. This will give them a lot more protection during the transfer. If you can buy bubble wrap, it will be of even better use than the newspaper. Your choice. And last but not least, when putting the items in the boxes, try to arrange them so the box is as full as it can be. This leaves minimal space for the objects to move and crash during the transfer.

What else can you do to help yourself organize a successful household move?

Well, first of all, you might want to let the professionals take care of the transfer, or move, if you will. By hiring the best moving companies Saudi Arabia, you can actually have a lot done for you. Then, you can also call some of your friends and neighbors to help you with the packing. Besides all the packing, unpacking, cleaning and everything else that will take a lot of energy, don’t forget about yourself and your family. Do not forget about these little yet important steps!

Take a break, do not overwork yourself.
  • When organizing a successful household move, you will be exhausting yourself a lot. Don’t forget to take breaks every couple of hours!
  • Drinking more water than you usually do is very important since you will be tired and dehydrated much more than you usually are.
  • Eat something every time you take a break. You don’t have to eat a full meal, but just eating something every couple of hours like a protein bar or similar can help you with your energy.
  • Wash your hands all the time! You will be touching a lot of stuff and it doesn’t matter how clean everything is, bacteria are all around us.
  • Start on time so you don’t have to do everything in one day. That is also almost impossible since you probably have many other obligations besides the move. Organize your time well you can have enough of it for the move.
  • And last, since a move can be really emotional, especially if you’re moving further away from your previous home, you must remain calm and happy. Just because you’re moving away doesn’t mean you will lose touch with your friends and neighbors. Respect your own decision and remain loyal to yourself. Have faith in beautiful times that are yet to come.

You’re all set to move!

We hope that you have found everything you were looking for. Information, advice, tips and everything else. We have done our best to inform you about what you need to know. Now, all that is left is for you to put it all on paper and start organizing a successful household move! We know you can do it. Good luck!

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