Build a Good Relationship with Your Shipper 101

You get a notification that the driver reached the pickup site. But a couple of hours after you see that the pickup was neglected. You have no knowledge of why and how that happened. You’re trying to contact the courier and the shipper and find out what’s going on. Usually, when circumstances like this happen, it’s because of poor communication with the shipper. So what can you do in order to build a good relationship with your shipper, and track your package better with logistics Saudi Arabia.

Contact your shipper at least once

Planning a pickup without ever reaching out to the shipping site is a formula for a catastrophe. Always make certain that you contacted the shipper. This way you can be confident that the reference number is operating if an issue or an emergency arises. This also offers you serenity of mind. Since you learn that there is a substantial connection to someone available if required. In order to build a good relationship with your shipper you will need to have good communication with moving companies in Jeddah.

Woman on phone talking in order to Build a Good Relationship with Your Shipper
Build a good relationship with your shipper by contacting them directly with all the information needed.

The appointed date

If you’re thinking about scheduling a pickup for something you believe is already organized, be certain to verify it with your shipper. Providing them with a call beforehand of securing your pickup can preserve you cash, time, and headaches. This is extremely noteworthy if your shipment is picked up from a desolate warehouse or places that are a tad out of the way.

Couriers still charge even if it’s a missed pickup. If the pickup area is isolated, there is a chance of further expenses existing as well. The most suitable way to rescue your wallet is to make sure that everyone is of the same mind. Double-checking with freight forwarders in Dammam Saudi Arabia and making sure that everything is prepared is an easy and practical way to preserve time and money.

A woman reciving her package
Explaining where and when the items should arrive, helps out greatly.

Special instructions

At this moment, you need to tell them about any specifics. Is the structure hard to reach or only reachable by some routes? Does door to door cargo Dammam, require a contact number or other paperwork? If the driver has to obtain the BOL or other paperwork themselves, this ought to be conveyed to the courier 24 hours before pickup.  When you build a good relationship with your shipper, that means that in the case of any mishaps or confusion they can contact you. Due to their jobs, many drivers are used to being time-efficient. And as such, they try and do everything quickly.

Wrong instructions or complications, won’t delay only your shipment. But other ones they have that day as well. In order to build a good relationship with your shipper good communication is key, as well as precise instructions.

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