Cargo transportation in 10-foot containers

Cargo transportation is one of the best ways of transporting your goods. Cargo transportation in 10-foot containers is beneficial for several reasons, all of which will make your move easier and stress-free. And with the reliable staff of freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia, your moving will go seamlessly easy and effort-free. Furthermore, containers are usually 20-feet or 40-feet in size, which people often find too large. We know that you do not require that much space, and that is why 10-foot containers were designed for you.

cargo transportation in 10-foot containers with containers of various colors
Cargo transportation in 10-foot containers is fast, safe and less expensive

Why are containers so appealing?

The first containers were built in the 1950s, so they are a relatively young invention. However, since their creation, they have been used around the globe for cargo transportation. Nowadays, 20-foot containers were divided into two 10-feet containers and can be used for transportation everywhere.

  • Weather conditions do not affect them – Shipping containers are very rigid. They are built to sustain any harsh weather. This means that your items will be safe in all weather conditions.
  • They have a unique ID – Every container has a distinct identification mode. They have 11 alfa-numerical-patterns, which is a box number. No one will lose or mix up your cargo with the box number. Cargo transportation in 10-foot containers means that all of your items are perfectly safe.
  • The shipping process is very simple – Movers will be able to move your cargo from a ship to a truck easily because you can place containers anywhere.

Cargo transportation in 10-foot containers are a cheaper option

Cargo transportation in a 10-foot container may be a perfect solution for you. First of all, they are suitable for transportation all over the land. They are smaller than the other container, making them easy to handle and maneuver. You will be glad to know that they fit in most driveways and parking spaces, so you will not have to worry about loading and unloading them. Of course, logistics companies in Bahrain are here to help you in every way with your cargo transportation in these containers as they are specialized in this field. Since this type of container is smaller, the cost of transportation is cheaper.

ship carrying shipping containers
An entire one-room flat can be transported in a 10-foot container

What can you use a 10-foot container for?

The dimensions of a 10-foot container are as follows: 9 ft 4“ in length, 7 ft 8“ in width, and 7 ft 10“ in height. To imagine this better, it is equal to 72 square feet of floor. It is ideal for singles as well as for the students because, in this container, you can place a one-bed flat easily. Furniture, clothes, appliances, everything can fit in here if you place it right. Just make sure you know all the facts about customs in Saudi Arabia before you finish packing.

Before you pack your cargo for transportation

If the dimensions of the 10-foot container are small to transport your household, we have a few techniques that will lighten the load.


Decluttering the best way to get rid of some items that would not fit into your container. Cargo transportation in 10-foot containers can still be small for you, although practical. Think of this as an excellent opportunity to do a clean-up of your items. Go through each room and decide what items you will throw away, and which items you can give to someone. If you have two toasters than you might want to consider getting rid of all the doubles that you have around the house. Also, if the cost of the shipping exceeds the value of the item, feel free to leave it behind.

Throw away old and broken items

As you inspect everything that you own, and we usually own much more than we know, take all the old and broken items. It is maybe hard to part with your favorite high-school jeans, but with a bigger picture in mind, everything will be okay. The items that you have not worn or used in the previous year will not become useful all of a sudden. With the broken items, it is best to see if you can repair them, but if you cannot, just simply throw them away.


Donating will bring you joy, and you will make just enough space to fit everything into your 10-foot container. There are many people in need who would be thrilled to have your old items that are still functioning. You will have a sense that you have done a good deed, and you will be able to transport everything in one go. Moving to a foreign country is one of the biggest events in your life, and you will start over with new items that you will love even more.

a diamond
Do not pack valuable items as well as perishable items in the container as you can either lose them or damage them

What not to pack in a container?

Containers are really convenient because you can move all sorts of items with them. However, there are some don’ts when it comes to using cargo transportation in a 10-foot container.


Do not transport perishable items inside of your 10-foot shipping container. They attract insects and rodents, but most importantly, the spoiled food will damage your other items. Frozen food, as well as fresh food, is not good for transportation.

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are all materials that may explode or get on fire if the conditions change. There is a list of hazardous materials that we will give you, however, make sure to check with the moving company if they have any other requests. Aerosols, nail polish, guns, and ammunition, fireworks, acid, car batteries, charcoal, paints, poisons, are just some of the forbidden items. Remember that all of the items are checked for prohibited items at the customs, so there is not a chance to import them in Saudi Arabia.


Always make sure that you have your driving license, keys, medical records, expensive jewelry, and all the important documents with you at all times. No matter how safe a container is, it is better to be safe than sorry. The same thing applies if you want to store valuable items. All of the items that you cannot replace because they have a sentimental value should be kept safe with you.

To sum up, cargo transportation in 10-foot containers is really useful, less expensive and a faster way to transport your goods. Enjoy.

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