Changes in the moving industry in 2021

Whether you’re moving your personal things, your whole family, or your corporate offices, you should know many things have changed in the moving industry. COVID-19 has caused significant shifts in almost every aspect of the moving process… Not only passenger travels, but also shipping, logistics, and more. Many companies, including those that take part in moving, have been facing adjustments and unfortunately lost, although some logistics companies in Saudi Arabia have shown great flexibility and are adapting well to this challenging situation.

However, changes in the moving industry are something we all need to accept. Companies need to do it to save their business and prepare for what the future holds. The new reality in this industry is here to stay at least for a while.

Changes in the moving industry due to COVID-19

Adapting to new measures

It’s not easy to keep the quality of your service on a top level… And at the same time successfully continuing doing business and keeping employees and customers safe.  That requires discipline, hard work, and great expertise even when the times aren’t as challenging as they are now. And the pandemic lasting for over a year certainly doesn’t make things any easier. While it’s true that most industries are affected in a way, it’s also undeniable that some have to endure more changes than others.

Young girl - wearing face mask is one of the changes in the moving industry
Social distancing is one of the main changes in the moving industry

Here are some measures that moving companies, like international shipping and logistics companies and local movers companies, have embraced to prevent spreading COVID-19 and stay in business.

Social distancing

We are witnesses of many changes, but one of the biggest changes in our lives ever is social distancing. The risk of getting COVID-19 affects our daily routine in many different ways. As a safety measure, moving companies during 2020 and 2021 have adopted a set of rules for employees, and customers, too. Moving companies have been asking clients to not take part in the moving itself. But, it’s almost impossible for people to respect this measure, especially in their houses. The clients are often suggested to pack and prepare everything before moving day. But it’s difficult not to participate in the move and stay a few meters away.

Actually, how can you respect physical distancing when there are strangers moving your belongings? Especially valuable furniture, pictures, and your other precious things! Due to social distancing and a limited number of people who can participate in the moving process, sometimes the actual moving would last longer than planned. It’s a logical consequence of only being allowed to hire, for instance, three people instead of six to help you move.

The job’s organization has also been difficult because many workers struggle with health due to COVID-19. It’s often necessary to hire additional workforce unexpectedly and educate them fast because employees got extra tasks to carry out safety measures. Consequently, it produces extra costs for many moving companies. The availability of the key workers sometimes was critical and only the best-organized moving companies like local movers Saudi Arabia offered the same level of service quality during this period.

Safety procedures

The Coronavirus pandemic pressured moving companies to take different precautions to stop spreading infection. The safety procedure included all measures to provide clients and employees the comfort and assurance they needed. These measures involved getting enough disinfectants, sanitizers, and other items necessary to carry out the measures.

Woman in formal clothes disinfecting steering wheel
Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces during Covid-19

These are some of the new rules:

  • properly sanitizing before loading
  • properly sanitizing after unloading
  • cleaning different surfaces
  • sanitizing moving equipment
  • properly and regularly washing hands
  • wearing protective gloves
  • wearing protective masks

 Virtual survey to provide estimates

 To ensure social distancing as much as possible, moving companies started to provide a new service. It is a virtual cost estimate instead of an on-site survey. This service that you can do over the internet, and there is no need for a company’s representative to be present in your home, office, or other location.

A virtual survey means that a moving company uses the help of a video-communication tool to make a virtual tour of your space. This way, the companies can see all the things that should be packed and predict possible risks, like narrow stairs and doors or tight corridors. To avoid physical contact, all paperwork can be done virtually, too.

Delaying and price

The impact of the coronavirus disease on the moving industry has also reflected in delays and prolonged shipping times. That happens mostly due to procedures like disinfection, checking people’s temperature, doing PCR tests and waiting for the results, wearing masks at all times, using disinfection barriers, etc. All these COVID-19 measures also produced higher prices of services to end-users, as well as the moving companies.

How to embrace changes in the moving industry

The moving companies need to be in compliance with the government regulations. In each country, there are communication channels where moving companies can quickly learn about important changes regarding new regulations. Also, it’s crucial to have a contact person in case the movers need to cross a border. That should be someone with all protective gear to take them quickly to their destination in a sanitized vehicle. Good organization and clear communication are key for this to happen without obstacles and misunderstandings.

Due to corona crisis there are more delays on ports
Corona crisis reflected in delays and prolonged shipping times

Most importantly, companies need to take their time to explain the standard procedure and potential problems due to COVID-19 to their clients. Since it’s the only way to carry out the process efficiently and provide the best possible service quality. Clients don’t want to be in the dark… And they probably already have a lot on their mind with all the changes and procedures that may vary by city and country.

 Moving Industry Put to the Test

The changes in the moving industry are crucial to ensure the continuity and prosperity of operations and therefore the security of supply. The COVID crisis is progressing daily… And the effects could be long-lived, so it remains unclear what the moving industry will look like after COVID-19. The impact on the moving industry and shipping traffic is huge, but one thing is true: businesses that will only survive the crisis, but also thrive despite the challenges are those able to adapt and think on their feet.

We hope this article has given you a better view of changes in the moving industry. As you can see, the main focus when you move your belongings in 2021 is safety and patience. After all, when you know a moving company is focused on taking necessary precautions to keep the employees and clients safe, you can be sure you are in safe hands.


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