Common Long-Distance Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A long-distance move can mean moving to another state. Or another country. Or even another continent. Either way, long-distance moving can be more exhausting than a regular moving, since there is more preparation and packing. And more chances of making mistakes. Therefore, packers and movers in Saudi Arabia offer you a guide that will help you tell common long-distance moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common long-distance moving mistakes

There are many mistakes one can make when moving. Relocation to Saudi Arabia is a big step, often full of mistakes. Some are more, and some are less common. For example, it’s rare to buy too many packing supplies. However, it’s more common to get less than needed. Some of the most common long-distance moving mistakes are:

  1. Poor packing organization
  2. Poor financial organization
  3. Not hiring a good moving company
Two cardboard boxes on a table
If you learn about common long-distance moving mistakes, you can avoid making them.

The poor packing organization is a common mistake

One of the most common mistakes is poor packing organization. That can mean a couple of things. For example – procrastination and then trying to pack everything in one day. That is impossible. It can also mean not organizing your stuff and packing everything into one box. Some things can go with each other. However, it’s not the best idea to pack fragile items (glasses, plates, mirrors) in the same box. A poor packing organization also means not labeling boxes, and not making a checklist of all the stuff you have packed for a long-distance move. Making a checklist can help you identify whether you forgot something. Most people remember to pack their phone, laptop, and TV. But most forget medication, important documents, photo albums, etc.

Poor financial organization is a common moving mistake

Another common mistake is poor financial organization. A key to successful moving is a good organization. If you don’t estimate the price of relocation services Saudi Arabia, the move can get longer and more complicated. Also, it’s good to know what you are paying. And how much. Therefore, you cannot get scammed easily. For example- do some research regarding moving costs. That way, you will know the estimated amount. If a moving company offers you a bill twice the price, you should avoid this mover.

Packing tape and other supplies for long-distance moving
A bad organization is the most common mistake.

Not hiring a good moving company

Not hiring a moving company, or hiring a bad one are some of the most common moving mistakes. Most of the time, a long-distance move requires professional transportation. Especially if you have many furniture pieces. You won’t be saving by not hiring a moving company. Not hiring reliable packaging companies in Jeddah is another mistake. Many companies can try scamming you. If you do some research and get a reference, you will be able to tell bad companies from good ones. Also, hiring a company three days before you are supposed to be moving is a big mistake. Just like you need time to prepare and organize yourself, so does the moving company.

In conclusion, making moving mistakes is okay. We learn by making mistakes. However, by learning about common long-distance moving mistakes, you will be able to avoid making them. Therefore, your move will be much less stressful and complicated. Good luck and we wish you a great move!




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