Cross Border Cargo Transportation Challenges

When it comes to cross border shipping, there is always the threat of rising taxes and complex paperwork controls. Besides, COVID-19 has added to the challenges, by slowing down the operations. Our specialists at the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia share with us the main cross border cargo transportation challenges. Let’s jump right into it.

What are the Main Cross Border Cargo Transportation Challenges?

Today, the global supply chain is complex and full of intricate details. This is why shippers face many transborder cargo transfer challenges. Among those are the global economic slowdown, freight capacity issues, rising costs, etc. Besides, our reputable provider of cargo service in Saudi Arabia  highlights the following tricky sides:

  • Tariffs
  • Customs Compliance

So, what exactly are these and what can we do to tackle them? Find out more about the obstacles of transborder cargo transport in the text below.

People in conference
Tariff negotiations are a political tactic, as well as one of the main cross border cargo transfer challenges

Tariffs and Trade Wars

Tariffs are incessant transborder cargo transportation obstacles. In essence, a tariff is a tax charged by a country, for the right to sell imported goods or services on its market. Thus, many countries use tariff negotiations as a political tactic. This is to ensure good deals for their people or businesses that pay taxes to those countries. To illustrate, we often hear the expression ”trade wars” on the news. So, to make a long story short, it’s clear why tariffs are a major obstacle for international cargo transportation, at all times. If you want to streamline your cross border shipment, a good freight forwarding company will do that for you. Albeit transborder cargo transport challenges are many, efficient solutions are also at hand. 

Customs Compliance

Each country in the world has a set of regulations. These are rules on what can and cannot be sent or shipped into the country. Speaking of cross border cargo transportation challenges, paperwork is a big one. As a shipper, you must understand the customs compliance of the country, to avoid freight delays. If, for instance, you’re shipping cargo to Saudi Arabia, you can make it easy on yourself by hiring a customs clearance service. If the shipment’s documentation isn’t clear or correct, the goods can’t pass through customs. This can cause delays, sometimes even for weeks. As customs rules tend to be complex, and the paperwork no less, it’s best to rely on professional help. Experience and knowledge are a sure way to overcome transborder cargo transportation challenges with ease. In case you need it, rest assured it’s your best option.

A tablet
Each country has customs rules and compliance regulations for importing goods

Best Practices to Trim Cross Border Cargo Transportation Challenges

To take on the cross border cargo challenges, it’s essential to know and follow the best practices in the field. Yet, the best way to go about it is to hire Third Party Logistics company or 3PL. A good operator will take a lot of stress off your shoulders. When you choose who to hire, go for the one with a wide network, strong connections, and assets. This is a sure way to trim the inherent challenges of transborder cargo transfer.

In conclusion, above we’ve discussed the main cross border cargo transportation challenges of today. Consider them before you make your next shipment, and follow our advice for a smooth experience. Good luck and stay safe.

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