Customs regulations for weapons transport

It is evident that you need to fulfill customs regulations for weapons transport when you want to take a weapon with you in Saudi Arabia. This country, like every other country in the world, has special law and customs regulations regarding weapons. Today, Four Winds explores the best ways to handle the transportation of firearms in regards to customs.

Basic customs regulations for transport

Even though you want to have a weapon with you, it is not wrong to check other recommendation for transportation across the border. Saudi Arabia is a specific country with powerful border legislation, and you will need to follow their rules in this field. Keep in mind that they have shared that information on their official sites and documents. It means that everybody should inform about them before traveling.

Not only that you will need special documentation, but you will not be able to take a weapon with you in some circumstances. It is also essential to know that they will seriously investigate why you take a weapon with you. There are important reasons for that.

  • Every country has worries about safety, so having a weapon with you could be seriously dangerous for the people in the country;
  • It is essential how many weapons you take with you – in some cases – they will not even consider providing the allowance for it;
  • Reason for carrying a weapon with you when coming to Saudi Arabia is significant for the law and Riyadh customs clearance;
  • There are special documentation and agreements between countries that allow the people to take a weapon with them – but only in exceptional circumstances;
  • Custom regulations for weapons transport usually worth for weapon but sometimes could appeal on other items connected to the weapon like fireworks or ammunition.

Presuming that you must bring a weapon to Saudi Arabia, we can advise you to follow legislation seriously. This time you will need to have an approval from both border police and IATA, a specialized agency for border law and legislation.

Nobody can carry a weapon in Saudi Arabia

Other customs regulations for transport

Moving to Saudi Arabia usually does not come accidentally. Most people move there because of a job or marriage. It presumes the changing of life and starting a new life there. For some people, it also means difficulties in adaptation. They need to bring memories or essential parts of their old lives before moving. It is good to know what of those things you actually can carry with you. In some cases, even a home plant could be a problem for a custom board.

Cigarettes and alcohol

Saudi Arabia has firm rules about alcohol and cigarettes. They follow the Quran and religion rules, which banned those habits. Even though you are stranger there, sea cargo Riyadh will not allow you to bring those things with you. Look at this as an excellent opportunity to get rid of those bad habits.

Luxury items

Mostly those items are perfumes and jewelry. They do not want to deal with items that somebody steal before came to Saudi Arabia. It is not always closely connected with the weapons, but in most cases, people could kill for them.

Chemical with special name or permission

It is evident that any country will allow bringing chemical across the border. In some cases, they could be used as a weapon. So, even though customs regulations for weapons transport is not connected with chemical products, be careful with them. You should have special permission or approval to use them.


It is for sure that nobody thinks that food is poisoned or dangerous. However, customs regulations for weapons transport presume that in some cases you can use food to kill somebody. Especially if it is handmade. For food that is made industrially, they do not have specific regulations. Make sure that package is not opened and the package is under expiration date.

Fireworks and firearms

We all love holidays and fireworks. However, customs regulations for weapons transport forbid fireworks on their borders. Unfortunately, you cannot even buy this in Saudi Arabia. , you should find another fun activity for a holiday.

Customs regulations for weapons transport

Finally, you came to the most important things about the weapon transport. We are sure that you need to know if you can take a weapon with you or not. However, there are so many different situations that you need to inform particularly for your case. Do not forget to ask for the person that will connect you with officials if it is required.

Strict rules about weapon regulations ban having ammunition with you, too

Weapons are actually prohibited in Saudi Arabia

It is terrible news for you, but Saudi Arabia basically forbids every possible weapon in their countries. The reason is safety before any other purpose. If you look at their official site, they ban even the smallest and rare collector specimens. However, there are situations, like formal visiting, when they can provide you a permanent allowance.

There is a weapon that nobody can take in Saudi Arabia

Nobody can bring into the Saudi Arabia weapon that is subject to investigation. Also, the weapon that belongs to the person that is imprisoned border police will confiscate. Be careful with the weapon that is used in criminal acts. Nobody can bring it into this country.

They also forbid ammunition and explosives

Not only that you will not be able to take a weapon with you, but other things that follow the weapon. Customs regulations for weapons transport clearly and strictly forbid having even ammunition with you. The reason is obvious. However, logistics companies in Saudi Arabia could help you to ask for official information and allowance in this situation.

Military police
Saudi Arabia bans everything that recalls on military and war

You cannot even wear military wardrobe

You will not be allowed to have military uniforms with you when coming to Saudi Arabia. Freight forwarding companies will strictly reject these items when helping you to move to this country. The only possible way to have these items with you is to have a special permit. Customs regulations for weapons transport forbid even to have military marks or medals with you. So, before moving to Saudi Arabia, take those things in mind.

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