Guide to Intermodal Transport in Freight Distribution

If you’re about to find a cost-effective and fast solution for transporting your goods, you’re in the right place. Many shipping and logistics companies can help you develop an excellent tactic. Intermodal transport in freight distribution is highly beneficial. It involves various ways of transport using quality containers. The main purpose of implementing this transport option in your business is cutting down expenses, but getting quicker transport at the same time. This way, products don’t need to be unpacked at every stop, which also accommodates certain safety measures. Isn’t this enough to consider? Let us give you more reasons and explain how this freight distribution functionates:

Intermodal Transport in Freight Distribution: Full Guide

Just like we already mentioned, intermodal transport involves transporting containers full of items using different methods such as trucks, ships, or trains. Let’s take a vehicle as a simple example of what this process should look like. Vehicles themselves are made for driving. But, is it technically possible to drive to Saudi Arabia from a different side of the world? That is the answer to why we use containers. Those vehicles or any other type of item that needs to be transferred is placed inside that container and shipped. They will be able to protect from possible damages during the transport and ease the whole process since containers can be loaded onto the ships more easily.

This is the reason why you should invest your time and money into this type of transport.

Containers in the port.
Intermodal transport can be cost-effective solution.

How does it work?

Reliable and efficient, these containers are weather-resistant and made to secure items inside. Whether you’re relocating stuff stored in boxes or palettes, you can be sure this is the right option for you. Containers for intermodal transport in freight distribution are suitable for different ways of transport. You can track them with a GPS locator to find out where your stuff is. Some of the most popular ways of freight transportation are:

Air shipping

The process is quite the same as with any other transport option. Firstly, your logistics provider will send someone to pick up the freight from your warehouse. Then, your freight will be loaded and ready for the go. The next destination will be the airport and your items will be put on the plane. There is nothing to worry about because your air freight to Saudi Arabia is going to arrive safely at the next destination. There you have it- practical and straightforward.

Ocean shipping

One of the safest ways of traveling and shipping is definitely by ship. Ocean freight to Saudi Arabia could be much cheaper than other options. This is mostly because of additional costs and taxes that airline companies require. Taxes for the fuel are an excellent example.  Always consider every factor. Don’t forget that this way of relocating your stuff is highly recommended for large quantities and bulky items that can only fit in the container. Use it maximally.

Ocean shipping via ship.
Ocean shipping is numerous times cheaper than air shipping.

Benefits of using intermodal transport

Just like every other owner of a big warehouse, you want to dispatch your items at low prices. We understand that need entirely, so we’re here to give you a hand. Find some courage and try new options such as intermodal transport in freight distribution. You won’t regret it.


Time is money, so we can see both aspects by looking forward to paying them less. One of the first types of shipping is via trucks. It indeed is cheaper, but it takes too much time. Think about it. You’ll have to wait for so long to relocate your items. That is why you need an additional solution like ocean transport. It’s multiple times cheaper than using an airplane for it. Think practically and economically. Maybe it doesn’t seem that much expensive, but if you look at the future, that’s going to save tons of money.


Hiring logistics companies in Middle East is beneficial because of their quality service. If you decide to give your trust to one of these reliable companies, you won’t be wrong. Professional carriers will help you relocate your freight from the warehouse to the port or airport. Everything will be packed in those giant containers and secured, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Chances for possible damage are minimal, and your items will arrive safely. Just find someone with great reviews and make sure to note if there are more fragile items included.


It’s proven that intermodal transport in freight distribution lowers the levels of carbon. It maybe doesn’t seem much when you think about it, but if everybody would try this way of shipping, the difference would be obvious. Railways are the most environment-friendly solution you can try. They can lower levels of carbon monoxide. Think about it and try it yourself, just like Saudi Arabia did.

Containers full of items.
This way you can relocate your freight internationally.


Knowing the exact location of the items helps a lot. Using GPS or other trackers, you can make sure everything goes well. Usually, oscillations like route changing are not common for this type of service. Even if you’re completely new to this model, it’s quite easy to get used to it. Don’t overthink it and we’re sure everything is going to be just fine.

Where to start?

Growing the business nowadays has more sense using this model of shipping. Especially for ones who have a limited budget. This way, you can dispatch items to a different county or even another continent. Isn’t it great?

We hope that this universal guide introduced you to the new ultimate way of shipping your items. If you need a hand with relocating your belongings from the warehouse to another address, feel free to use relocation services Saudi Arabia. Other than that, consider transferring to intermodal Transport in freight distribution. It will not only save your time, but it will leave you huge amounts of money every month. You can use it later and invest in your business. Plus, this way you can forget about possible damages because it’s almost impossible with this model. Just make sure to contact your reliable company today.

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